'Human Target' Season Finale Preview: Who is Christopher Chance?
'Human Target' Season Finale Preview: Who is Christopher Chance?
After eleven episodes of Human Target, it seems we already know who Christopher Chance is. He's a private security contractor, one with a different tactic: infiltrate the client's life and make himself vulnerable, so when the threat reveals itself, he can take it down. He's got this certain attitude when it comes to his work: he can take things the extra mile, and he doesn't really care for his safety at times.

Then again, there are things we don't know about Chance, and that makes him more of a mystery than we want him to be. Who is he really? His name surely is not "Christopher Chance". He's got many FBI records, he's got shady associations, and he's got a past he's holding on to dearly. Not to mention his crew--Guerrero and Winston surely didn't just come from out of nowhere.

Human Target wraps up its season tonight, with answers to all those, and surely a bunch of questions, too. Tonight, Chance's former boss resurfaces in an attempt to bring him back to the fold--him as a mercenary, along with Baptiste--and that conveniently brings us back to what came before. How did Chance meet Guerrero and Winston? Why did he leave in the first place?

There are a handful of big names tonight: Armand Assante pops up as Chance's old boss Joubert, and Amy Acker--she who we loved in Dollhouse--pops up as Chance's former squeeze, or something like it. That's Human Target tonight from 8pm on Fox.

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