'Human Target' First Thoughts: It Kicks Butt, And Then What?
'Human Target' First Thoughts: It Kicks Butt, And Then What?
The folks at Fox have given a lot of promotion for their newest action series, Human Target. Last night's premiere aired before 24's return. In a week the show will sit comfortably beside American Idol. Weeks before, there've been quite a number of promos across the schedule. And, after watching last night's episode--they call it a "preview" but it's the pilot episode anyway--I'm left here wondering, "what makes it so special?"

The series, like we've mentioned before, is about Christopher Chance, a private security contractor with a unique way of protecting his clients: immerse himself in their lives until he spots the threat and eliminates it. More or less, he's the guy who gets himself a bit too involved with his conveniently female clients, like last night's guest, Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer. On his side is his business partner Winston, and their pretty creepy third man Guerrero. Well, creepy in a good way, but there's got to be a mysterious character in any show, right?

All those points have been covered in the pilot. Winston's the straight guy who'll argue and jostle with his friend Chance, out for the thrill of it. We also see Winston trying to discourage Chance from enlisting Guerrero's help, because of his attitude--although, turns out, his research is needed in taking down the threat Chance is looking for. Oh, and of course, the fight scenes, inside California's first bullet train, running out of control and on the verge of derailing. That, I get. And then what?

The pilot was enjoyable, more or less. Mark Valley really plays the part--his comic book hero looks absolutely fits the bill. While it may take a while for the main cast to gel nicely, I think it's getting there. But, apart from the fight sequences and the dashing spy qualities of the series, I'm looking for that one thing that will make this stand out from the rest. Would it be the dynamic within the team? That will take a while, but I would appreciate the hints. We can't just rely on engagement after ridiculous engagement.

I haven't read the comic books or the graphic novel, but I understand that Human Target goes into Chance's struggles defining the personalities he takes on and his own. After all, he doesn't just hide in broad daylight by assuming these roles, but goes the extra mile. I would love to see that appear somewhere. So far all we have in upcoming episodes in Chance becoming an auditor, a translator, and a gatecrasher in a black-tie affair. That wouldn't exactly be enough to keep me hooked for long, but I'll say, stick with it and hope that something unique to itself pops up--unless, of course, Human Target is supposed to be explosive and just that. If that's the case, I'll think twice.

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