'America's Got Talent' Results: Four Acts Get a Last Shot at Redemption
'America's Got Talent' Results: Four Acts Get a Last Shot at Redemption
Nick Cannon's looking good this time, as he warns us that the Wild Card acts are "all smiling and laughing for now," but only four of them will be allowed to continue on and the rest of them will be devastated. They had all pretty much given up whatever they were doing until they heard they would be allowed to be on the Wild Card show. I hope they don't all go back to wandering the streets when this is over.

Sebastien El Charro de Oro, Bandbaz Brothers, and Ben Blaque are first to the stage. I have a sneaking suspicion it will be Ben Blaque? But I want it to be Bandbaz Brothers. Sebastien El Charro de Oro will move forward, much to my surprise. I'm not sure I approve of this, but I have no say in the matter whatsoever.

Not even the "What's Poppin" segment can cheer me now.

And now, a performance from "Bring It On" the musical. Did you know this was a thing? I sure didn't! Is it something you want to see? I sure don't care to see it. And god, this performance went on forever. Sign me up for no tickets.

Horse, Jake Wesley Rogers, and Andrew de Leon are next up, and this one will certainly be Andrew de Leon. But I want Horse in there! It's funny! But it's Andrew de Leon because of course it is. America loves him, and can't forget his Susan Boyle-esque audition. Howie is pleased to see another one of his acts move through, and this displeases me greatly.

The next three acts are Cristin Sandu, Spencer Horsman, and Todd Oliver. I'm hoping it will be Spencer Horsman, but I don't like the way tonight is going. Sure enough, this show is wild. Todd Oliver moves through because people love dogs and fart jokes.

I can't believe Todd Oliver made it through. Andrew de Leon I believe, but I sort of disagree with. I want danger and crotch hits.

I don't know why Carly Rae Jepsen won't just sing "Call Me Maybe" tonight. It's what we all want to hear. I don't want to hear this song about good times. In this city of owls.

Three acts remain! Lindsey Norton, All That!, and Jarret & Raja. I don't care about any of these foos. I mean, I do? But I demand more nut hits out of my talent. The act that will leave us first is Jarret & Raja. The act that will be voted off by us next week will be determined by the judges. Howard thinks Jarret & Raja's elimination is "a crime." So America got it WRONG.

There was only half a percent of difference between Lindsey Norton and All That's numbers. Howard doesn't care about either of them. He thinks he is less likely to fast forward through All That's performance. Howie votes for Lindsey because he loves suspense. Now Sharon must choose between her two acts. She compares it to Sophie's Choice, which is inappropriate. She tells Lindsey that she has her whole future ahead of her, and chooses All That. Then the cloggers manhandled Nick, and Howie gloated about two of his acts making it through. Cute.

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