'How to Get Away With Murder' Recap: Annalise Gets a Much-Needed Win
'How to Get Away With Murder' Recap: Annalise Gets a Much-Needed Win
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In the thirteenth episode of season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder, titled "It's War," a newly-freed Annalise makes it her mission to destroy Atwood while also trying to clear her name. Meanwhile, Nate learns who has been framing him, Laurel looks into the Mahoney family, and Asher accuses Connor of betraying the group.

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Annalise Goes After Atwood

As the episode begins, Annalise meets with Nate and he says that Atwood is framing him, too. Nate tells Annalise about his signature being forged on the transfer papers. He also tells her that he was at her house the night Wes was killed.

Via flashback, we see Nate and Wes at the house discussing Annalise and the immunity deal. Nate says Wes should take the deal because Annalise only looks out for herself, but Wes tells Nate that Annalise has protected him even when he didn't deserve it.

In the present, Nate tells Annalise that if anyone checks his phone, they will know he was at Annalise's house that night, so Annalise promises him that she will fix this. Nate also tells her that Wes was still alive when he left him at the house.

The next day, Annalise asks to speak with the group. Laurel and Connor are clearly not happy to be there, but Annalise thanks them all for coming. She tells them that, like Wes, they will probably be offered immunity to turn against her. When Laurel confronts her about why she called them, Annalise denies that she only wants to make sure they don't turn on her. Laurel doesn't care what Annalise is after because her only focus is on finding the people who killed Wes. She is convinced that the Mahoneys are to blame since Wes testified against Charles Mahoney a week before he was murdered. Laurel wants to go after the family, but Annalise says it is too dangerous. Before she leaves, Laurel accuses Annalise of acting like a victim.

After that unsuccessful meeting, Connor asks Oliver to hack his copy of Annalise's phone because Connor doesn't know who to trust or what to believe anymore. Oliver initially refuses, being more focused on finding a new job then hacking his former boss. Yet he caves when Connor argues that everyone needs to know if Annalise killed Wes.

Later that day, Bonnie meets with Frank in prison. She basically asks him if he had anything to do with Wes' murder and he claims he's innocent. Frank says Wes wasn't at the house when he got there that night. Bonnie tells Frank to stop acting stupid and rehire his lawyer.

Annalise decides the best way to save herself and those close to her is by going after the D.A.'s office. She writes a letter to the Attorney General requesting a grand jury investigation into the D.A.'s office. In the letter, Annalise accuses Atwood of misconduct. She says Atwood has a personal bias against her and that she tampered with evidence. The Attorney General isn't convinced of Annalise's complaint, but she does look into it. Meanwhile, the D.A. tries to threaten Bonnie by saying that they have files on her and the Keating Four, but Bonnie refuses to back down.

Annalise Seeks Help from Michaela and Oliver

While Connor and Asher argue over what they would do if they were offered immunity, Annalise calls Michaela for a meet-up. Annalise knows Michaela is the one who has been holding things together in her absence, but for once, Michaela isn't interested in Annalise's praise. Annalise wants to know if she needs to worry about any of the others, but Michaela tells her that she is handling it. (Did anyone else freak out when Michaela actually called Annalise by her first name? That was such a great moment for her.)

The Attorney General questions Nate about his signature on the transfer papers. Nate says his signature was forged, but he can't say who he thinks is setting him up. Nate then accuses Annalise of making things worse for him even though she's trying to get them all cleared of this mess.

To that end, Annalise goes to see Oliver. Oliver is nervous because she shows up while he's still trying to hack her phone, but Annalise just wants to thank him for being steady and ask him for a favor. Annalise gets Oliver to leak a story to the press about the D.A.'s office losing Wes' body.

Alas, after the article is leaked, the Attorney General decides to reject Annalise's request for a grand jury investigation. She also threatens to have the D.A. seek the death penalty in Annalise's case if Annalise continues to spread conspiracy theories.

Laurel Takes Action

Unbeknownst to the group, Laurel hires a P.I. to look into the Mahoney family. The P.I. discovers that Mrs. Mahoney ran a DNA test on Wes a few days before his death. Laurel thinks the family killed Wes because they found out he was Wallace's son. When Laurel presents this evidence to Annalise, Annalise tells her to back off. Annalise then reveals that she tangled with the Mahoney family years ago and it resulted in her son's death. Annalise says that the most important thing for them right now is to stay safe. Laurel isn't impressed with Annalise's warning and thinks Wes deserves better.

Later that night, Annalise winds up answering the phone when Frank calls to speak with Bonnie. (Annalise is staying at Bonnie's house now that that she's out on bail.) Frank tells Annalise that he will do whatever she needs him to do, but Annalise ends up hanging up on him.

Earlier in the episode, Hargrove called Annalise acting all friendly and offering her support. When Annalise takes her up on that offer, Hargrove ends up questioning Annalise about how her case is going. Annalise then figures out that Hargrove has been working for Atwood because Atwood promised to help her get custody of her kids.

With their options running out, Bonnie tells Annalise they should let the D.A. know that Nate was at Annalise's house that night. It would give them another suspect. Annalise refuses to turn on Nate because she doesn't want to be that person anymore. Annalise then asks Bonnie if Frank re-hired his lawyer yet.

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Team Keating Finally Gets a Win

Bonnie goes to see Frank in prison just before they all head to court. In court, Frank successfully argues for the release of Atwood's communication (emails, phone calls, etc.) on the day Wes' body was transferred.

After Atwood's relationship with Nate is publicly revealed in court, the D.A. suspends her. Nate later tells Annalise that Atwood admitted she moved Wes' body so he's in the clear now. Alas, it turns out that Wes' body was cremated which could make it harder to prove that Annalise is innocent.

Annalise goes to see Laurel to tell her about Wes' body. Their conversation quickly becomes heated and Laurel ends up breaking down. Annalise promises that they will find out who killed Wes because they owe him that.

What Did Connor Do?

Throughout the episode, Asher keeps pointing out how suspicious Connor's behavior has been since Wes was killed. Michaela wants him to drop the subject because she's trying to keep them all from turning on one another, but as the episode comes to a close, Asher calls Connor out. He thinks Connor is the anonymous source who turned on Annalise. Asher points out that Connor has been pointing the finger at Annalise this whole time and Michaela finally stops defending his behavior. Connor tells them that he believes Annalise killed Wes and he will have proof soon enough because Oliver is hacking his copy of her phone data.

Yet when Connor returns to Oliver's apartment to find out what he discovered on Annalise's phone, Oliver confronts Connor instead. Oliver called Thomas and found out that Connor left his apartment hours before the fire. Thomas also revealed that Connor used his phone to check his voice-mail, meaning he knew Annalise had called him to the house that night. In a flashback, we see Connor, presumably at Annalise's house, trying to revive Wes via CPR. (While I highly doubt Connor is the one who killed Wes, I do wonder if he was responsible for the fire.)

What did you think of this episode of How to Get Away with Murder season 3? Was Connor involved in Wes' murder? Was he the one who set the fire? Who is the anonymous source? Should Annalise and company be worried about Atwood now that she's been fired? How long has Hargrove been spying on Annalise for Atwood? What did you think of Bonnie offering to privately set up an appointment for Laurel in case she wants to have an abortion? Will Annalise and Frank be cleared of Wes' murder? Did the Mahoney family have Wes killed or was Wes murdered by someone else? Will the 2-hour season finale end on a cliffhanger with yet another dead body, as the previous season finales have done? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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