Learn 'How to Be a Gentleman' on CBS
Learn 'How to Be a Gentleman' on CBS
A new comedy from CBS, How to Be a Gentleman is based on a book by John Bridges. The etiquette guide teaches men exactly what it says, but comedian David Hornsby took it differently. He liked it enough to make a series out of it, this time revolving around two characters: a writer and his personal trainer.

Hornsby, known for his work on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, stars as columnist Andrew Carlson. He's a traditional and refined man who is devoted to the ideals of a time long gone, when civil gentlemen still roamed the streets in abundance. Unfortunately, his lifestyle is way out of date and he now leads a life detached from society.

Carlson runs into a man from his past, the reformed "bad boy" Bert Lansing played by Entourage actor Kevin Dillon. He's come a long way since their last meeting, and he now owns and operates a fitness center. Despite his success, he's still the same loud and sloppy guy from before. And a little too optimistic.

But he's just what Andrew needs. His editor, Jerry (Dave Foley) wants to read something new and different. With Bert's help as life coach, this uptight writer might just manage to loosen up and become a real man himself.

Also starring on How to Be a Gentleman are Nancy Lenehan as Andrew's mom Diane, Mary Lynn Rajskub as his sister Janet, and Flight of the Conchords star Rhys Darby as Janet's husband Mike. It's a total re-imagining of the book, but it's bound to be a treat to watch.

Below, you can catch the trailer for the upcoming sitcom from CBS, How to Be a Gentleman. If you can survive a punch in the shoulder, you can get through all the hilarity in this.

Don't forget to catch How to Be a Gentleman when it debuts on Thursday, September 29 at 8:30pm on CBS.

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