How I Met Your Mother: Meet Barney's Mom
How I Met Your Mother: Meet Barney's Mom
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Barney's (Neil Patrick Harris) mother has been featured in a bunch of flashbacks but her face was never really shown.  Soon, however, fans will finally meet the woman who gave birth to the show's resident womanizer.  According to TV Guide, How I Met Your Mother has enlisted Frances Conroy to fill in the much anticipated role.

Best known for her remarkable performance as family matriarch Ruth Fisher on HBO's Six Feet Under, Frances Conroy has earned four Emmy Award nominations and won a a Golden Globe and three Screen Actors Guild Awards.  She is also credited for her roles on Desperate Housewives as a wealthy widowed socialite whose life is entangled with Gabrielle and Carlos Solis' family, and the romantic comedy flick New in Town.

So far, Barney's family life has always been defined in flashbacks.  In the episode “Showdown” it was revealed that Barney's mother, voiced by Megan Mullally, was a promiscuous woman who claimed that his father was Bob Barker, longtime host of The Price is Right.  It was also established that Barney also has a brother James, portrayed by Wayne Brady, who is an African American homosexual.

On How I Met Your Mother, Conroy is slated to appear in “The Stinsons,” the 15th episode of the series in which that gang discovers that Barney has a fake wife and kid on standby should his mother ever come to town for a visit.  Apparently, Barney has told the white lie over the years due to his mother's health condition.

Aside from Conroy, How I Met Your Mother has also enlisted Brooke D'Orsay as Barney's fake wife. D'Orsay is credited for The Big Bang Theory, Happy Hour and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, where he worked with Neil Patrick Harris.  She has also been cast in several upcoming projects such as Drop Dead Diva and Single White Millionaire

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