'House' Spin-off to be Revived?
'House' Spin-off to be Revived?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Remember the now-defunct plans to do a House spin-off featuring Lucas (Michael Weston)? That's all been shelved for now, but Fox, reports Entertainment Weekly, has recently shown interest in revisiting the idea of a spin-off for the medical series.

Network president Kevin Reilly has revealed that House executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs have a "standing offer" to create a new series, either a direct spin-off or a completely new show, all in an effort to corner the two-hour Monday night block.

Reilly further reveals that the Lucas idea kind of "got stuck" mainly because he didn't appeal as much alone than he does when he's with Hugh Laurie's House.

"They have really high standards. These are not guys who commercially are going to chase something just to announce they have a spin-off and then figure out the show later on. They're probably the most thorough producers... I've ever worked with."
As for Jacobs, she admits that she would like to do a 9 o'clock show to pair with House.

"Maybe a spin-off or maybe just another show from the two of us," she says, adding that doing an entirely new show is "the only way I seem to be able to penetrate the 9 o'clock hour.

"As a producer, you would never pick Mondays at 8. But having said that, the network put House there, and it seems to be working so I think they're smarter about these things than we are. So we're probably going to stay at 8."

A Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) spin-off maybe? Or one featuring Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) maybe? Or something entirely new? What do you think?

Source: Entertainment Weekly
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