House Needle in a Haystack
House Needle in a Haystack
House finds himself in the midst of conflict (sounds like House already!) when a young Gypsy boy is admitted with mysterious respiratory problems, and parents who refuse chemical medical treatment.  Meanwhile House is furious when he finds out that Cuddy has given away his handicapped parking spot.

The episode starts out with Jimmy and Leah, a couple of kids making out in the back of a car.  Suddenly Jimmy turns blue and passes out.  A nice, subtle House opening.  Just the way we like them.  Once Jimmy is at the hospital the team goes to work trying to figure out what is wrong with him, his liver is failing, and he is beginning to hemorrhage.  Just as they are about to administer medicine, his parents show up and refuse the treatment.
House comes up with a slightly insidious plan, the kid is old enough to give his own consent but not in the presence of his parents. So House suggests they distract the parents while the doctors work hard to get Jimmy to authorize his own treatment. Before they can do this though, Jimmy takes a turn for the worst and emergency surgery ensues.

Subplots, subplots, subplots… what would House be without its subplots. This time it is Cuddy’s continued efforts o surreptitiously reform the grumpy gimp – this time by trading his handicapped spot for a new doctor. House decides to counter this by placing a wager. He will get his spot back if he can make it a week in a wheelchair. This, House assumes, will get his spot back since the person who ‘stole’ it is also wheelchair bound, an affliction House puts below his own in the order of disability.

The Gypsy kid, as it turns out, is quite a genius having absorbed tomes of science, biology, physics, and biology. He is able to keep up with Foreman beat by beat, which natural endears him to the staff. Once his parents take over, however, science is thrown out the window as they begin to administer their own folk cures. They believe the girl he was with put his life out of ‘balance’.
In the long run, they discover all the problems were caused by a single swallowed tooth pick and the youngster survives unscathed. Foreman tries to get the kid into an intern position at the hospital, but his ultra traditionally lifestyle completely gets in the way. Yet another of Foreman’s protégés bites the dust.

House ultimately does not get the spot back since he abandoned his chair in surgery to attempt to save the gypsy kid; but he does get it back by laying a huge guilt trip on Cuddy, coming out the psychological victor yet again.

Altogether, yet another flawless episode of House!