House: Lisa Edelstein Talks About Cuddy Episode, Cuddy-Lucas, Cuddy-House
House: Lisa Edelstein Talks About Cuddy Episode, Cuddy-Lucas, Cuddy-House
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
We don't know if we just came across Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) on a really, really bad day, but boy we sure didn't see that coming. Time was the central theme of the Cuddy-centric episode on House, and you know you're a stressed out mama when the only breather you have is in a ten-second elevator ride.

For the better part of "5 to 9" Cuddy was: dealing with the insurance guy (and the rich, bastard CEO), dealing with a crazy, crazy pharm tech who's running a meth lab, dealing with Chase (Jesse Spencer) who's being sued for reattaching a severed thumb, dealing with clumsy, clumsy Lucas, breaking out fights, and dealing with a sick child (other than Lucas, I mean).

Edelstein tells that after watching the episode, House fans should now have a pretty good idea of what she does and how she does it. "Sometimes you see complaints that people don't think that Cuddy's very good at her job," she says. "I don't really think they know what her job is. Now you get a clearer view of that."

But other than the work side of things, "5 to 9" hopefully gave a context on how Cuddy deals with House (Hugh Laurie), considering that making funny/witty banter with him seems to be one of the few high points of her mostly exhausting daily itinerary (as pointed out by our awesome fan columnist).

According to Edelstein, Cuddy and House has a "long, deep, fascinating" relationship, in contrast to two-minute man Lucas and the "uncomplicated ease" that he brings her. Yet given the mostly deprecating portrayal Lucas got on this episode, what exactly does Cuddy see in him that most House viewers don't?

"He shows up," she explains. "I think he helps her with her life. He's uncomplicated, very loyal, and has sex with her. I think that those things mean a lot to somebody who's got a world like hers, which can be very overwhelming. The question remains, 'Is that enough?'"

Overall, however, the episode was clearly a vote of confidence for House and Cuddy. In one of their conversations, for instance, House asked her if she was really willing to lose her job just to stamp out stupidity. She said yes and asked him if he'd do the same. A short pause, and then - "Probably." And that's all she wrote.

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