'House' Fan Contributor: What about Foreman? Let's Do the Math
'House' Fan Contributor: What about Foreman? Let's Do the Math
Jacky Jackman, A BuddyTV Fan Columnist and Contributor discusses Foreman. Why? Because it just doesn't add up. If you'd like to become a fan contributor, click here.

Last night's House proved one thing, who needs him?  The guy could phone in his work, and has a few times. Now wait please. Give me a minute to explain before you light the torches and march to my house with pitchforks.

House is back and he needs one thing other than Foreman relinquishing his office and conceding the white board.  He needs a team. Chase and Cameron have announced they are leaving and that is two ducks less in the pond. Taub and Thirteen have already moved on. That just leaves Foreman. How the mighty have fallen. Head of the department one day and its entire staff the next. 

House listened to the diagnoses, shot some down and nodded to others. He gave orders for tests and medications. He didn't offer a solution himself. He didn't see the patient for even the meanest moment. He was busy stalking Thirteen and Taub while playing the marriage counselor from hell for Chase and Cameron. He wanted to build his perfect team.

Okay math isn't my strongest skill but House kept saying he had four applicants and three slots open. I double-checked this on my fingers and this is what I came up with.

My index finger is Chase. My middle finger is Cameron. The ring finger Thirteen and my pinky, because I am trying to make a height joke here, is Taub. Then sticking out like a sore thumb is Foreman. Let me check that again. Yes, that's five all right. Its odd House didn't see that.

What about good old doc Foreman? Isn't he the guy who gobbled up House's job title and office before House had limped to the parking lot? I'm sure Foreman will be welcomed back in a warm and sentimental way.

Since Cuddy gave House his medical license in front of Foreman it made it very clear who was 'large and in charge'. So what's the plan here? What was Cuddy thinking? Foreman is shoved off his plinth and must now commune with the rest of the common but brilliant doctors. That seems out of character for his character.

Foreman gave no hint that he was leaving. But House gave no indication the he was keeping him either. Maybe there's a 'middle ground'. I wonder if the Neurology Department needs a new 'head'. (Pun was intended.)

In the end what brought Taub and Thirteen back to PPTH was the puzzle. House sent clues via fax and they both couldn't resist. Chase stayed for a deeper reason. He needs to face his demons. Cameron was sure that her husband's demons were House. She packs her bags and leaves Princeton and Chase. House tells Wilson, 'three out of four ain't bad.' Isn't that three plus Foreman?

Now that House has taken care of his 'empty nest' he needs to get 'mommy' back. This is the way it adds up for me. House + Cuddy - Lucas = Huddy. Just doing the math.

-Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Contributor
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