'House' Fan Columnist: Relationships and the Inevitable Fail
'House' Fan Columnist: Relationships and the Inevitable Fail
House is not a happy-go-lucky television show.  While it can be one of the funniest shows on television--thank you "The Down Low"--it can also be considered the darkest.  One of the many reasons for this dark cloud over House is because of the utter failure of any relationship on the show.  The only successful relationships currently are Lucas and Cuddy (vomit) and Sam and Wilson (we'll see).  I'm not counting Amber and Wilson because the show killed her off nor am I counting Cuddy and House since they have never technically been in a relationship.  Same with Lydia and House.  

So why did all these relationships fail?  Where did they take a turn for the worse?  Let's examine:

Chase and Cameron:

These two started off on a strange note and ended on one as well.  A strict (on Cameron's end) friends with benefits deal that was sparked by Cameron being on drugs brought these two young pretty doctors together.  Nothing turned serious until the end of season three and then things remained about status quo until they decided to get married.  Despite a couple of jealous barbs from Chase re: House and a few of Cameron's insecurities about her dead husband, these two made it down the aisle.  Should have known it was not going to work since it was filmed juxtaposed with House's journey to Mayfield.  The end of these two came when Cameron decided that her husband murdering Diabola, the murderous dictator, was a deal breaker.  A rather abrupt ending, but thanks to "Lockdown," I have a feeling these two might just rekindle things next season.  

Thirteen and Foreman:

I never quite understood how these two were really compatible. Most likely because they aren't.  To me, Thirteen needs someone a lot more fun than Foreman.  But for Foreman, I think Thirteen could have been a good match.  He needs someone fun that challenges his world view.  It was nice to see Foreman smile for that brief period of time, but it was doomed when Foreman couldn't eat his pride and tell Thirteen he screwed up in firing her.  He finally did, but not until Thirteen was over him (maybe).  I have no stake in this relationship, and unless a new character comes in, I have no idea who Foreman would date, although I think TPTB want Chase and Thirteen together considering the sheer volume of scenes the two of them have shared this season.

House and Stacy:

I loved Stacy's arc on the show and wouldn't mind a return, but only if it was for a really good reason.  House's first real love (that we knew about) was Stacy and she challenged House while understanding and loving him.  Although they split (for the first time) because of the resentment House felt over her decision to remove some of the leg muscle causing him chronic pain, they never stopped loving one another.  When she came back and finally decided to leave Mark (her new husband), House was the one that stopped her, knowing he would mistreat her.  While Wilson accused House of loving misery, House selflessly wanted to give Stacy what he knew she deserved: a devoted, happy husband. 
Taub and Rachel:

Although it hasn't failed yet, I am thinking the failure of this relationship is inevitable.  They're both lying to one another.  Taub is cheating.  Again.  Rachel is too accepting of his faults.  And I don't think any wife should be happy if their husband basically insinuates they are not enough.  I hope Rachel grows a pair and lets Taub go on his merry way alone, where the thrill rides he seeks out won't be so thrilling without the risk of getting caught.  Although if this week's episode has taught us anything, I wonder if the lies these two are telling each other are comforting enough to sustain their relationship.

Wilson and his multiple ex-wives:

Why has Wilson rarely been successful in a relationship?  I'll let House's wisdom take care of this one.  He wants someone who needs him and he's too nice and weak to ever cause any conflict, so when things bother him, they build into resentment.  Wham, bam, goodbye ma'am.  Let's hope for Wilson's sake he's learned from his past mistakes and has grown up so that him and Sam can work.  

Did I miss anyone major?  What were your favorite failed relationships on the show?  

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-Lisa B. Palmer, BuddyTV Fan Columnist