Conference Call: Olivia Wilde Talks 'House'
Conference Call: Olivia Wilde Talks 'House'
FOX loves Olivia Wilde.  A few years back, FOX constantly promoted a show called Skin during the MLB playoffs which starred Ron Silver and Olivia Wilde.  Although that series was soon off the air, FOX liked what they saw.  FOX later gave Olivia her big break as Mischa Barton's lesbian love interest on The O.C.  Now, coming off a role in the much buzzed about film Alpha Dog, Wilde currently plays the mysterious "Thriteen" on House.  FOX held a conference call this afternoon with Olivia to discuss her work on House and what we can expect from upcoming new episodes of the medical drama.

As a reminder, there are three more new episodes of House left, including the one that will air right after the Super Bowl. 

When Olivia signed up for House before the season, it was open ended.  The actors didn't know if they were going to make the cut, but it made them not take anything for granted.  There was some competitiveness among the the interns, but it was mostly relaxed.  There was a lot of joking.  Almost exactly when she was named a regular on the show, the strike happened, so she still hasn't been able to rest on her laurels. 

Olivia calls “Thirteen” a “bowl of secrets.”  She found out the big secret before most everyone else did.  She kept it a secret until the show aired.  She felt more comfortable playing her role after she knew the secret. 

Olivia gets asked about possible romantic tension with Dr. House.  She hasn't picked up on any of that, thinks that the two like butting heads, but she supposes anything is possible.  Olivia says she was a big fan of House and Hugh Laurie before getting cast.  Her other favorite show on TV is The Office.

She thinks that the late Christmas episode was indicative of House's sense of humor – he would be someone who celebrates late. 

We have not found out Thirteen's real name yet, and Olivia thought they'd reveal the name a while back, but she likes the producer's choice to make it secret.  She likes the inside joke of how House could look at the folder and find out her real name, but doesn't – it keeps it informal. 

Her favorite part of the early season contest was the unpredictability.  She loved the diversity of the casting too.  She had no idea what was going to happen.  Also, she liked how big of a risk they took in changing up the episode formula. 

She's surprised by critics' comparisons of Cameron and Thirteen.  She thinks Thirteen isn't near as soft or open as Cameron.

Olivia will be co-starring in a new Apatow-produced, Harold Ramis-directed comedy called Year One, which stars Michael Cera and Jack Black.  She calls it Monty Python-esque. 

She's very excited to have House air a new episode after the Super Bowl.  She would have gone if it wasn't for shooting on Year One.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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