A Month's Worth of Spoilers for 'House'
A Month's Worth of Spoilers for 'House'
Finally, for the disgruntled House fans out there who have been clamoring for some spoilers to this season's coming installments, we have the skinny on next month's episodes, starting with “Whatever It Takes” which airs November 6.

First up though, we take a brief look at what's in store tonight on House.

In spoilers for tonight's “Mirror, Mirror,” Dr. Gregory House is presented with an unidentified patient who mirrors the personality of each and every individual he meets.  Further confounding the case of the nameless human chameleon is the fact that he starts complaining of new symptoms far different from his admission profile.  Meanwhile, Foreman has just been given the task of overseeing the candidates for fellowship, even as Cameron and Chase keep a running pool on who among the hopefuls House is next likely to send packing.

In spoilers for next week, House becomes a special CIA recruit, charged with treating one of their agents who has contracted a baffling illness as shrouded in mystery as his previous assignments.  Michael Michele, formerly of another hit medical drama, ER, guest stars in the episode, “Whatever It Takes,” as a CIA doctor unable or unwilling to provide much information about their operative's background and history.  Elsewhere, the fellowship candidates try to outdo each other in a race to make the right diagnosis on a stock car driver who loses consciousness after a race.

In still more spoilers, on November 13, House and his team become the focus of a documentary film crew as they tackle the case of a teenager with a severe facial deformity.  In the installment called “Ugly,” House's patient suffers a heart attack just ahead of his scheduled facial reconstructive surgery.  In the course of studying the case to come up with their diagnosis, House is distracted by some of the candidates vying for a slot on his team.

In “You Don't Want to Know,” scheduled for November 20, House comes face to face with a magician who suffers heart failure in the middle of an underwater escape stunt.  As the remaining fellowship candidates struggle to diagnose the illusionist, House works to prove that he is nothing more than a mere scam artist faking his ailments in order to hide the fact that he almost drowned while attempting his act.

Finally, “Games,” which is scheduled to air November 27, finds House assigning the fellowship contenders to an especially difficult case involving an uncooperative, passé, ex-rock star with a history of substance abuse and civil disobedience.  Meanwhile, Cuddy admonishes House to make up his mind and determine the final members of his diagnostic group.

House airs Tuesday nights from 9-10.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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