'Hostages' Season 1 Finale Recap: Which Two Characters Do Not Make It Out Alive?
'Hostages' Season 1 Finale Recap: Which Two Characters Do Not Make It Out Alive?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In the previous episode of Hostages, Ellen told Duncan she would not kill the President, but made a deal with him to save his wife if he would protect her kids. In a show of good faith, Duncan staged Jake's death so he could be sent into hiding and referred the Sanders' family to someone who could help them disappear after the surgery. Meanwhile, Nina tried to go on the run after learning what her family had been up to, but was cornered at the airport by Blair. And Duncan and the team learned about Sandrine's betrayal.

In this week's two-hour season finale, "Suspicious Minds"/"Endgame," Ellen finally operates on President Kincaid and Duncan makes a last-ditch effort to save his family. Read on to find out if Hostages continues to hold our attention with the season's final hours.

Things Continue to Fall Apart

Picking up where we left off, Blair takes Nina and Sawyer hostage, claiming it is to keep them safe. Duncan is obviously furious when he learns of Blair's actions, but Blair claims he will release Nina and Sawyer once the President is dead. Since Ellen does not intend to kill the President, that could be a problem.

Meanwhile, Ellen and Brian use their alone-time to discuss their struggling marriage. Ellen suggests that maybe they should split up after this is all over, partly because it would be harder to keep track of the family that way, but also because she cannot forget about Brian's affair. Even if they both survive, their marriage may not.

In other news, Archer tells Duncan that he found the explosive charges, proof that Sandrine has betrayed them. Duncan gives Archer the go-ahead to take Sandrine out, much to Kramer's dismay. But when Duncan learns that Blair has his family, he tells Archer to hold off on killing Sandrine so they can use her to get Duncan's family back.

A Not-So-Clean Getaway

Brian says Duncan came through and everything is set for Brian and Morgan to disappear. In the morning, they pack up and leave, though Duncan gives them a gun before they head off. That gun comes in handy when a man following the pair tries to kill Morgan and Brian gets the drop on him. He may not win father or husband of the year, but he protected his kid from a would-be killer, so that earns him some major good guy points in my book.

While Brian and Morgan avoid being murdered, Archer begins to get suspicious about their disappearances. Duncan covers by saying that Brian had to take Morgan to the hospital because something is wrong with the pregnancy, but it is clear that Archer is having trouble believing that story. Eventually, he tracks down a very-much alive Jake at the safe house and when Brian and Morgan arrive, Archer takes them all hostage. He plans on holding them until the President is dead.

Ellen Gets Caught

Ellen goes to the White House to do one final check on the President before his surgery the next day and uses the opportunity to bring up the fake genetic marker again. As Duncan reminded her earlier, it will do no good to get the President's bone marrow if they cannot get it out of the hospital. Ellen gets the First Lady to agree to help get the "blood" out of the hospital and keep it between the two of them.

But the First Lady soon realizes that Ellen is lying about the genetic marker and confronts her about what she is really up to. Whatever Ellen says is enough to get the First Lady to stay silent about Ellen's true plan and the surgery goes ahead as scheduled.

Duncan Saves His Family

Duncan and Kramer get Sandrine to meet with Logan and she convinces him that Nina needs her pills or she could die. Duncan and Kramer plant a tracker on Nina's pills to find out where Blair is holding Nina and Sawyer. Once Logan delivers the pills, Kramer and Duncan follow them to Nina's location. Alas, Duncan's family has already been moved and the boys almost get killed by a few guards before Sandrine arrives and saves them. This gives her a chance to explain herself to Kramer, and he believes her when she says Logan was threatening her son. They have a sweet-but-brief moment together before Duncan says he needs Sandrine's help to kill Blair.

Vanessa also wants Blair dead now that he no longer trusts her. She teams up with Duncan to get it done and they bond over wanting the President dead for personal reasons. With Sandrine's help, Duncan and Vanessa get Blair alone and Duncan holds Blair hostage until he releases Nina and Sawyer. Kramer gets them to safety and Duncan kills Blair after the man fails to cooperate with an alternative plan that would let them both live. Given that we knew next to nothing about Blair as a character, this feels like no big loss to me.


After 14 episodes, it is finally time for the President's surgery. The men Duncan paid to cause a distraction do a very good job with their part of the plan and the surgery quickly falls into chaos. This gives Ellen the chance to do what she needs to do. She drugs Logan to knock him out and saves the President's life, getting the bone marrow in the process. The whole surgery takes up less than 20 minutes of screentime, making it seem rather anticlimactic.

With the First Lady's help, Ellen gets the bone marrow out of the hospital and takes it to Nina, who does not know if she can forgive Duncan for everything he has done, but she decides to go through with the treatment so she can live and be there for Sawyer. If Nina had refused treatment after everything that has happened, half of the storylines on this show would have been completely pointless, so I am glad she decided to use the bone marrow.

Archer Gets Killed

When Archer gets the news that the President survived the surgery, he takes Brian and the kids to an abandoned warehouse and seemingly plans to kill them all. But the next time we see Archer, he is at the Sanders home. Duncan arrives and Archer confronts him. The men fight and Archer gets the upper hand, but Kramer kills Archer before he can kill Duncan. While I was not overly fond of Archer, his death seems needless. Surely he could have just blackmailed one of the people behind the plot against the President to get the pay-day he was denied.

This Is It

Duncan and Ellen meet up one last time after the surgery. Duncan tells her that Blair is dead and he does not believe anyone else will be coming after her family. They say goodbye and we are left to wonder if Duncan is right about the family being safe. But Ellen is not the only one Duncan says goodbye to. He also says goodbye to his family before turning himself in to the police. While this certainly does not make up for what he did to save Nina, I do appreciate that Duncan will have to face some consequences for his actions.

Kramer and Sandrine, on the other hand, apparently get away clean. They meet up after everything is finished and agree to go away together with Sandrine's son. While I should probably be upset that they do not have to face the music for their parts in Duncan's scheme, they are two of the only characters I cared enough about to root for, so if anyone from Duncan's team got to escape, I am glad it is them.

Ellen returns home, and her family follows soon after because Archer apparently just left them at the warehouse. Despite everything the family went through, they all make it out alive. Including the family dog, who makes a welcome return in the last few minutes. It probably does not bode well for the show that I have more feelings for the dog than for most of the human characters. Brian tells Ellen he does not expect anything from her and she says the same. The state of their marriage and whether or not they will remain together is one of the few things left unresolved at the end of the season.

The President Gets His

Though he manages to survive the plot against his life, President Kincaid still gets what is coming to him when the First Lady confronts him. Ellen told her about what Kincaid did to Nina's mother all those years ago and the knowledge that her husband raped a woman and tried to have her killed convinces the First Lady of what Vanessa has suspected all along. Both women confront Kincaid about killing their brother and the First Lady says it is time her husband pay for his crimes. Perhaps he and Duncan will share a jail cell at some point.
What did you think of this week's season finale? Are you upset by Blair or Archer's deaths? Are you glad Duncan turned himself in? Do you think Sandrine and Kramer deserved their happy ending or do you wish they had to pay for their actions? Are you happy the First Lady finally learned the truth about her husband? Did you ever think she might have been in on the plot to kill him? And do you think Ellen and Brian can salvage their marriage? Do you care?

Though Hostages was billed as a "limited series," we were told from the start that the CBS thriller could get another season. Do you think the show will be renewed for a second season? If the show does manage to score a renewal, which seems highly unlikely at this point, would you tune in for season 2? Given the finality in this week's season finale, if the network ordered a second season, we might get a whole new cast and setup. Would you watch another season with an entirely different storyline and cast of characters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.
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