'Hostages' Recap: Ellen Tries to Stop Brian from Bleeding Out
'Hostages' Recap: Ellen Tries to Stop Brian from Bleeding Out
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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During last week's episode, Ellen and the kids were close to escaping their captors when Brian was shot. In this week's episode, "Truth and Consequences," Ellen works to save her husband and someone winds up six feet under. Read on to find out if Hostages continues to hold our attention.

Ellen Goes Back for Brian

This week's episode picks up exactly where last week's left off, with Ellen forced to decide between saving Brian or getting her kids to safety. She decides to save her cheating husband, leaving the kids behind at the bus station.

The kids do not get on the bus, choosing to wait for the next one to give their parents a chance to show up. They soon learn that Ellen left the passports and money for them, with a note saying she and Brian would catch up with them later. The kids worry about their parents but decide to get on the next bus as planned.

Ellen gets home and examines Brian. He needs surgery, but Duncan refuses to let her take him to a hospital. She prepares to perform the surgery in her kitchen, and as much as I dislike Brian, I would not wish impromptu kitchen-surgery on anyone.

Another Secret Comes to Light

During the kitchen-surgery, Morgan's boyfriend shows up and Ellen has to deal with him. Boyd-the-boyfriend accidentally reveals Morgan's pregnancy and almost gets a bullet from Duncan for his continued interference. Ellen is able to get rid of him and finish Brian's surgery.

With the reveal of Morgan's pregnancy, it seems like all of the family's major secrets have been uncovered, so I have to wonder where they go from here. Will new secrets be introduced or will the rest of the season be about dealing with the secrets that are now out in the open?

Sandrine and Jake Have Something in Common

Sandrine tracks the kids to the bus station and shows up just as they are boarding the bus to Montreal. They manage to get away and Sandrine is left behind. But she cannot continue the search for the kids because she is abducted. Sandrine apparently owes money to some low-life named Victor, and he beats her because she has yet to come through with the cash. Victor eventually lets her go, though it is unclear why.

Jake is Not Bright

Instead of running and not looking back, Jake keeps insisting they should head back home to their parents. Morgan points out that if their parents did not show up, there is a good chance they might be dead. Jake -- going for the 'Worst Decision of the Episode' award -- calls home to see if his parents are still among the living. Kramer answers and will not let Jake speak to his folks, so Jake begins to suspect that Morgan is right about their deaths.

Nurse Angela's Fate

Though I wanted to believe that Archer's big secret was that Nurse Angela is still alive, it turns out to be the opposite. The original plan was for Archer to keep Angela locked away for two weeks and release her once the President was dead. But Angela became too much of a problem, so Boyd killed her against Duncan's wishes and kept it from him. Boyd has more bad news for Duncan: they need to move Angela's body ASAP or risk the cops discovering her. Boyd is put on disposal detail, and Duncan plans a way to punish Boyd for disobeying orders.

More Empty Threats

Once Brian is out of the woods. Duncan grabs Ellen and drags her out of the house. He takes her to an unknown location in the middle of nowhere and has her dig a grave. She begs Duncan not to kill her and he goes into this story about her past. The reason they chose her to kill the President is because she has killed once before. Back when she was a resident, Ellen was attacked by a man who had beaten and raped a young girl. She stabbed the rapist and chose to let him bleed to death rather than calling for help from the cops stationed right outside the room.

Duncan explains that this is the reason Ellen was chosen. He gets her to admit that she killed the rapist because she thought he deserved to die, then goes on to say that the President deserves to die, too. While I can understand Ellen's actions with the rapist, assassinating the President of the United States while he is lying helpless during surgery is a very different thing. And Ellen knows that, so I doubt Duncan's little speech serves much purpose at all.

After that tale of Ellen's past, Duncan continues to threaten her life. But since Ellen is the main character, Duncan does not kill her. He simply makes her bury Nurse Angela in the grave she dug and takes her home. When they get back home, Ellen is shocked to see her children and devastated that the escape attempt was a total bust.

After Sandrine gets the kids back home, she demands $50,000 from Duncan, presumably to pay Victor. Kramer sees Sandrine's bruises and asks her about it, clearly setting up something between those two in later episodes.

Cleaning Up the Mess

Throughout the episode, Brian continues to get text messages from Samantha. Kramer eventually has Brian leave Samantha a message in the hope of getting her to back off. Brian delivers the message word for word, but no one really believes that it will be enough to take care of the Samantha problem. Will Duncan and his crew have Samantha captured to keep her quiet?

Duncan threatens to kill Boyd, forcing Morgan to end things with him in order to save his life. Duncan also takes care of Archer by tipping off the local cops to the many weapons in Archer's trunk. Duncan should watch his back, as Archer will be on the warpath once he gets out of jail.

What did you think of this week's episode? Are you glad Brian survived? Do you think Ellen was wrong to go back for him? What do you think will happen between Sandrine and Kramer? And how will Duncan cope will one less team member to monitor the hostages? Will he bring someone in to replace Archer or bide his time until Archer is released? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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