'Hostages' Recap: Ellen Faces the Consequences of Her Actions
'Hostages' Recap: Ellen Faces the Consequences of Her Actions
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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During last week's episode, Dr. Ellen Sanders was given an ultimatum: kill the President or watch her family die in his place. But Ellen pulled a fast one and bought her family some time to figure out what was going on and how they were going to survive it. In this week's episode, "Invisible Leash," Duncan lays out the rules for the family's continued captivity, and someone Ellen cares about has to pay the price for her decisions. Read on to find out if Hostages continues to hold our attention.

Mind Games

After the press conference, Ellen is questioned about her role in what happened to the POTUS. She has a brief chance to tell the authorities about the men holding her family hostage, but they have an inside man and Ellen stays silent to protect her family.

When Ellen returns home, she learns that her ruse with the blood thinner did not go over well with Duncan and the other hostage-takers. Duncan's people are holding her husband and children at gun-point, and Duncan forces Ellen to choose which of her loved ones will be killed. She refuses to make that choice, so Duncan makes it for her and chooses Brian. But Duncan only pretends to shoot Brian because apparently the threat of violence is more upsetting than actual violence, or something.

With the family under control after his show of power, Duncan tells them that they are going back to their normal routine starting tomorrow and they will act like nothing is wrong. He has Ellen implant her family with GPS chips so the hostage-takers can keep track of their every move and every word.

Love, Lies and Losses

Duncan's team has a problem when Brian keeps getting text messages he does not answer. Sandrine, the only female hostage-taker, drives Brian to see his mistress so she will stop checking up on him. After Brian convinces his mistress that everything is fine, he returns home in time for Ellen to get a message that the Secret Service wants her to take a lie-detector test in the morning.

Duncan coaches Ellen on how to pass a polygraph, and she manages to earn an inconclusive result that reassures the Secret Service that she was not involved. But that is not enough to keep her in the clear, and Duncan has to set someone else up to take the fall for the President's almost-death. That person turns out to be Angela, a nurse who had access to the POTUS. Duncan sends Archer to deal with Nurse Angela, and the next thing you know, the news reports that Angela has supposedly taken her own life and confessed to the blood thinner incident. But did Archer really kill Angela? Is it possible she is also part of the assassination attempt?

Getting to Know the "Bad" Guys

We still do not know much about Duncan's team of hostage-takers, but this week's episode gives us a few more clues. For starters. two of the hostage-takers --  Sandrine and Archer -- had no idea they would be part of a plan to assassinate the POTUS. Sandrine thought she was brought in for a routine blackmail thing that would be over in 24 hours but seems willing to go along with the actual mission if the price is right.

Duncan notices Sandrine's unease and questions Archer about her stability. Archer assures him that Sandrine will be just fine with the changes in their assignment, and we get the feeling that Archer has some serious history with both Duncan and Sandrine.

Our forth and final hostage-taker, Kramer, continues to be pulled into Jake's drama when he spies a text message conversation between Jake and one of his friends. Kramer advises Jake not to follow his friend's solution to their problem, and Jake takes that advice as a sign that he should blab all of his problems to the man holding him captive.

Jake explains that he and his friend sold weed for Nico-the-drug-dealer but did not hand over the money and they are now in trouble. Jake asks Kramer for help, and though Kramer tells Jake to deal with it on his own, we get the feeling that might change in the weeks to come. Later, Kramer is caught fondling a bottle of prescription pills and Duncan asks if he is using again.

As far as Duncan is concerned, we learn via flashback that his father-in-law introduced him to Quentin six months earlier and that Duncan did not care about Quentin's reasoning for taking out the POTUS. In the present day, Quentin explains that his bosses are not pleased with Duncan's failure, but Duncan's father-in-law assures Quentin that Duncan can still get the job done. Duncan holds everything together for the moment, but will he be able to control the situation in the long-term?

What did you think of this week's episode? Did you think Duncan would actually kill Brian? Were you amused by Sandrine's reaction when listening to Brian "romance" his mistress? Does Brian's mistress have a role in everything that is happening? If Quentin -- the White House Chief of Staff -- is behind the assassination attempt, are there other people close to the POTUS who are also working against him? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

Hostages airs Mondays at 10pm on CBS.

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