[Video] 'Homeland' Sneak Peeks: Carrie Pulls 'The Yoga Plan'
[Video] 'Homeland' Sneak Peeks: Carrie Pulls 'The Yoga Plan'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
How does Homeland follow up the jaw-dropping reveal from last Sunday's episode? With Carrie using "The Yoga Plan" among other crazy Carrie antics. It's a hour packed with tension, worries, and dangers.

Carrie got out of the mental institution and she's back on the job that she actually never left. She's may have been officially dismissed by the CIA, but she's walking a dangerous line by trying to get inside with the Iranians.

"The Yoga Play" Sneak Peek

She's deep undercover in her new mission, but when Jessica Brody reaches out for help finding Dana, Carrie risks it all to help. She runs "The Yoga Play" to secretly confront the FBI Agent overseeing the Brody family.

"Romeo and Juliet" Sneak Peek

Carrie threatens the FBI Agent over his lack of concern for Dana. Carrie understands the complex relationship between Brody and Dana better than anyone. With Dana gone, they have lost the most likely in to finding Brody.

"Hunting Duck" Sneak Peek

As Acting Director of the CIA, Saul attends a hunting weekend with White House and Congressional leaders. Will he get the post permanently? Or, does the White House have other plans?

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