'Homeland' Recap: Carrie and Brody Are Finally Honest With Each Other
'Homeland' Recap: Carrie and Brody Are Finally Honest With Each Other
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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Just like in last season's "The Weekend" episode, Carrie and Brody lay it all out on the line in tonight's episode during the interrogation scene. There's honesty and intense, emotional relief that comes with that kind of brutal honesty throughout their Q&A.

But Carrie isn't the first one to question Brody. Instead, that falls upon Quinn, who goes right for the jugular in the first few minutes -- he brings up Issa. Brody, who's used to physical and emotional torture from what happened to him in Iraq, easily deflects and denies. He even shows (at least on the outside) very little emotion when Quinn makes him watch Brody's confession video.

Since Brody is putting up a good fight, Estes is forced to lie to one of Brody's staffers about his true whereabouts. (Kidnapping a Congressman, especially one so visible thanks to his "friendship" with the Vice President, is quite hard to get away with.) All the staffer is told is that Brody is helping the CIA with a national security matter and that he's told to instruct everyone, including Brody's family, that he's got a case of a really bad flu.

Jessica quickly finds out it's a lie, since when she shows up at Brody's hotel he's nowhere to be seen -- meaning the CIA isn't going to have long with Brody before they need to tell some element of truth about his whereabouts.

Since the confession doesn't break Brody, the CIA tries sleep deprivation. And, you know ... stabbing him in the hand.

Of course, Quinn's physical altercation with Brody is all a ruse to get Carrie in there and play "good cop." Damian Lewis and Claire Danes can just start writing their Emmy speeches now based on that 15 minute Q&A.

While Quinn tries presenting Brody with mounting evidence showing his guilt, Carrie goes the personal and emotional route. She admits to being love with Brody -- even wishing he would leave his wife for her. She turns off the camera to give them a sense of privacy, but leaves on the audio so Saul and Quinn can listen in.

Reasoning with Brody starts to bring down his wall of denials. She even appeals to him wanting to be a good person. She lists all of the crimes Abu Nazir has committed and that Brody just wants to do the right thing.

While at first he continues to deny wearing a vest that he, at the last moment, chose not to detonate with the VP in the room with him, he does finally give a meek "yes" when Carrie asks if Abu Nazir has a plan. He just doesn't know it.

After that "yes" and that show of a desire to confess more, Carrie fires off questions fast and furious.

Saul eventually comes in with a cell phone and tells Brody to call his wife and tell her he'll be home that night -- something that, no doubt, comes as a surprise to Brody. (He knows the CIA wouldn't have him lie to Jessica about a promise he couldn't keep. Meaning, he's going home that night.)

How can he go home that night? If he takes the deal Carrie offers, but one in which even she admits the CIA may not be able to sell to the higher-ups. "You better hope we do," she tells Brody.

That deal is full immunity if Brody becomes a double agent for the CIA, as Homeland fans have no doubt been expecting for a very long time. He takes it and eventually goes home to his wife.

Not long after he arrives home, Dana comes home from her date with Finn, the Vice President's son. And in a plot twist seen many times on 24 (the producers who worked on that show now work on this show), Finn is involved in a hit and run accident. Snore.

While Finn begs Dana to keep this secret, Brody actually confesses to Jessica that he's working with the CIA now. He, of course, doesn't tell her why he's now working with them, but it's enough of a confession that she lets him come home.

Carrie, too, eventually goes home. Not to a family, of course ... but a glass of wine. Luckily, this time she doesn't swallow it down with pills.

A slow episode, but one with incredible performances between Lewis and Danes. A new paradigm now exists for Homeland with Brody and Carrie working on the same side.

Their first target? Most likely that journalist, Roya Hammad. Her picture is being put up on Quinn and Saul's new evidence board after they take down all their evidence on Brody.

Because there's always going to be a target for them to hunt...

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