'Homeland': First 20 Minutes of Season 2 Premiere Online Now
'Homeland': First 20 Minutes of Season 2 Premiere Online Now
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Homeland's second season may be less than three weeks away, but I know I'm anxiously awaiting the show's return. My life has felt incomplete without Carrie and Brody! For a bit of a fix, Showtime has released the first 20 minutes of the premiere.

The Homeland preview starts with a five minute recap of the show's first season. Wow. Watching the recap makes me want to go and watch season 1 all over again. It was a crazy, suspenseful and unexpected ride. 

Through all the twists and turns, season 1 ended with Carrie ousted from the CIA and in treatment for her mental condition, while Brody decided to not follow through with his suicide bomb plan.

Season 2 picks up with a time jump and both have Carrie and Brody new jobs. Check out the first 20 minutes now!

Some highlights from the first 20 minutes. These will include spoilers. You are warned.

  • Carrie is still recovering from her breakdown and electric shock treatment. Her sister, in particular, is like a mother hen and protective of Carrie and her health.
  • Carrie is teaching English as a second language.
  • Israel bombed Iran which has led to a tumultuous situation in the Middle East.
  • An asset contacts the CIA in Beirut with information about an attack on the United States. No one knows this asset, including Saul. He goes to meet with her, but she refuses to talk to him.
  • Estes wants to talk to Carrie but she initially refuses. She is upset with how he treated her dismissal. She gives in after a call from Saul. The asset in Beirut was one of Carrie's previous off-book informants, who will now only talk to Carrie. 
  • Carrie decides to go to Beirut to meet with the asset.
  • Brody is now a Congressman in the House of Representatives. He was appointed to the seat when the previous representative left due to scandal. 
  • The Vice President wants Brody to run on his ticket for President.
If the first 20 minutes is any indication, Homeland is continuing the season 1 fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat pace. Given Carrie's medical problems, I was glad to see that she was't miraculously back in the CIA in the premiere. Estes made it clear that even though Carrie is going to Beirut, that doesn't mean she's back in. 

Clearly, Carrie will eventually get pulled back into the spy game, but how is still a mystery. As is any indication of what Brody's plan is now that he is an elected official. Where are his loyalties now?

We will have to wait until Homeland officially returns on September 30th at 10 pm ET to find out more. 

(Photo and Video courtesy of Showtime.)