Heroes Vs. Lost
Heroes Vs. Lost
Despite sharing many of the same fans, the LOST vs Heroes debate is alive and well in the netlands.  Fans of Heroes cite its shorter arcs and quicker delivery of revelations as the marks of superior story telling, while LOST fans point to Heroes panned finale as evidence that its competitor is operating at a ‘he who burns brightest, burns out first’ pace.   From a critical standpoint, LOST’s cinematic pacing and mind bending ending left fans with nothing but stunned curiosity to hold them over.  Heroes, on the other hand, suffered from one of LOST’s most frequent criticisms by offering a final show down that failed to resolve any major conflicts, and a final twist that was a head scratcher, at best.

Of course, it all depends on whom you talk to.  There are fans on both side of the debate that are annoyed with the entire rivalry to begin with.

“I watch Heroes to get my comic book fix, I watch LOST for suspense and mystery.  There is no comparison.”  One fan told me.  “I thought the Heroes finale was great for what it was.  LOST is a veteran, so it’s kind of hard to beat.”

The biggest complaint amongst Heroes fans was that their finale lacked the scale of an "X-Men" caliber super battle.  Its not surprising those fans had that expectation in a day and age where a pre-requisite for superhero films is a $60million FX budget, minimum.  Within the confines of a TV budget and production schedule, however, such a scene simply is not going to take place.  Talking to some people involved with the show (Zach Quinto) and other folks in the industry, the finale was on the grander scale of television production as it was.

LOST, on the other hand, relied very little on high production to wow its audience. Instead, LOST reached into its bag of weirdness and punctuated it all with the paradigm shifting realization that the story of LOST does NOT end with the survivors making their way off the island as many had expected; in fact, leaving loyal fans with no clue how the story will even progress next season.

The debate over which show is the best seems mostly centered around the reception of each shows finale, with less attention paid to the overall efforts.  Of course, in the end ‘better’ simply means ‘most popular’ and contests of this nature turn out to be more of a study of fan pride than anything else. 

What do you think, is LOST better than Heroes?  Has Heroes beat LOST at its own game?  Is the question even a valid one?

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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