'Heroes' Season Finale Recap: Episode 3.25 "An Invisible Thread" (Page 1/5)
'Heroes' Season Finale Recap: Episode 3.25 "An Invisible Thread" (Page 1/5)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Tonight on the Heroes Season Finale: A Season One regular will die, Nathan and Sylar will face off, and Hiro and Ando will try to take down Building 26. And a whole lot more!

Read on for the full account of the end of Heroes Volume 4, "Fugitives," plus the teaser for Volume 5, "Redemption."

We open on Matt Parkman, who is traveling back toward Washington D.C. to help Hiro and Ando take down Danko's gang of hero hunters.

Outside Arlington, HRG, Claire and Angela pass construction workers who are actually a cover for waiting agents ahead. Angela wakes up in the back seat from a dream about Nathan. "He's... in trouble." She says. HRG realizes that they've just passed through a trap. He stops the car and tells Claire and Angela to run 2 miles into the city while he buys them time. He gives Claire a cell phone and tells them to get to Nathan. He tells Claire he loves her, and the women leave as he drives toward the roadblock. He's stopped by officers, and armed agents surround the vehicle.

In Nathan's office (with an unconscious Nathan), we see again how Danko stabs Sylar in the base of the skull, but he gets up and takes out the knife. He looks at Danko. "That hurt. Shape shifting. Yo've got to love it, right? The changes just don't happen on the outside. His off-switch... he moved it. He slams Danko against the wall. Sylar says he has plans for Danko, his agents, and Nathan, whom he says he will kill later. After he absorbs all of Nathan's memories, thanks to the power of clairsentience that Angela gifted him. Sylar plans to become Nathan, attend the President's speech at a hotel tomorrow, and meet with the President after. Just to shake his hand. Soon he will be the most powerful man in the world. Danko tells Sylar to kill him now, but Sylar says he doesn't need to kill him, because soon no one will believe a word he says. Sylar shifts into Danko, picks up his gun and opens the door, leaving Danko paralyzed against the wall. He stands in the doorway and fires shots at Danko's agents running in to help. He goes back inside, releases the real Danko, and shifts into Agent Taub. Taub yells, "I got him! He's in here!" and holds Danko at gunpoint. "You son of a bitch," Danko says.

Angela and Claire arrive in D.C. and Claire worries about HRG getting caught. Angela reminds her that parents will go to extreme lengths to protect their children. Angela tells Claire they need to split. Claire will go find Nathan, and Angela needs to find Matt Parkman. In her dream, Parkman saves Nathan's life. Claire asks why Angela can't just tell Nathan how to avoid danger, and Angela says she can't change what she dreams, but she can help push its outcome. The women part ways, and Angela says she will find Claire soon.

Sylar puts on his Senator suit in front of a mirror. He's dragged Nathan into the bathroom with him, and begins kicking and slapping him to wake up. He needs Nathan to be awake in order to get his memories. He can't wake him up, and decides he has enough memories from all of Nathan's possessions lying around his office, including differing stories about his academic career--"Politicians," Sylar shakes his head. With his back turned, Petrelli's secretary comes in and says his daughter is here to see him. Sylar turns around as Nathan and tells her to send her in.

Sylar (as Nathan) greets Claire, and she asks if he found Sylar. He says yes, but he got away, and is going to the hotel to meet the President in an hour. He will intercept the President first and intercept him, and blow the lid off it all if he has to. Claire asks how she knows this is Nathan and not Sylar. He says, "I'm me." He touches her necklace. "We spent a lot of time together," and mentions Mexico. She says sorry. He tells her to stay there while he cleans up this mess, and she asks to come along. She wants to help stop Sylar and make a difference. He tells her to come along. He says if things go south, he wants her right by his side. They walk out together.

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