'Heroes' Recap: Episode 3.22 "Turn and Face the Strange" (Page 1/3)
'Heroes' Recap: Episode 3.22 "Turn and Face the Strange" (Page 1/3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Tonight on Heroes, we open on HRG examining “Sylar’s” dead body. Danko enters and guarantees that Sylar is dead—no pulse. HRG asks how he pulled it off, and Danko says it was a knife, which he replaced with a metal spike at the base of the skull. HRG recalls the glass shard that worked until it melted in the Primatech fire. HRG is thoughtful, and acknowledges how long he’s been hunting Sylar. Danko says it’s funny how quickly he was able to come in and do the job—maybe HRG didn’t want to catch Sylar after all. HRG says maybe Danko is just better at it. Then an assistant comes in and gives HRG an odd message—his wife is here. Danko smiles and says, “Send her up.”

Hiro and Ando are driving a highway in Ohio, leaving messages for Parkman to no avail. They want to unite the Matt Parkmans, and will then find the baby’s mother. The baby starts to cry. He’s not wet or hungry, Hiro says, and they can’t figure out why he’s crying. The car stops and won’t start, and they can’t figure out why.
Mohinder tells Parkman he is going to India, and tells Parkman to come with him. Matt is sitting at a hotel room desk, preparing to get revenge on Danko for Daphne. He can’t get over her death, and vows to hurt Danko, to make him feel what he’s done. Mohinder tries to reason with Parkman, but Parkman simply tells Mohinder he’s been a good friend, hugs him, and tells him goodbye.

Sandra waits for HRG in the hallway of Building 26. She tells him she won’t sit home waiting for him to tell her where Claire is. He says Claire is safe, and the less Sandra knows, the better. Sandra doesn’t believe anything he says anymore, and wants to see Claire. HRG changes the subject and tells her that there’s a dead body, but he doesn’t think it’s Sylar. Just then, Danko approaches. He introduces himself to Sandra, but she knows he’s the guy who’s been watching her house, and brushes him off. “Nice meeting you,” he says, and walks off. HRG begs her to go home, but Sandra says she’s staying in town until HRG finds Claire. She walks off.

Danko walks into the men’s bathroom and locks the door. But it’s not Danko, it’s Sylar. The real Danko is inside. Sylar says he enjoys being Danko; he loves commanding respect. Danko didn’t know Sylar was masquerading as him, and warns him that this is not a game, and it’s not about finding a clever way to kill Noah Bennet. Sylar says he’s not going to kill HRG. He’s going to destroy him.

Angela calls HRG. She says she had a dream, and asks him what he knows about Coyote Sands. He says he only knows that any time he’s ever asked about the place, he has been told he should never ask again. She tells him that she, Peter, Nathan and Claire are going there, and she needs him to come, too. He says he has loose ends to tie up first—Sylar’s body. He needs to be sure it’s Sylar, and she begs him to leave it alone. He walks into the morgue and asks where the body is. An assistant says they were all taken to the crematorium. He drops his phone to his side as Angela screams at him to leave it alone.

Mohinder breaks into his old apartment and looks around the abandoned rooms. The landlord approaches and threatens to call Homeland Security, who took his belongings when he became a fugitive. Mohinder convinces him to just let him gather his things and go. The landlord says Mohinder’s “crazy dad” left stuff in storage, and Mohinder should take it with him when he goes.

Ando and Hiro stand on the side of the highway, hitchhiking. A semi truck pulls over and picks them up. The driver is Japanese, and Hiro and Ando attempt to speak to him, but he doesn’t speak Japanese. His name is Sam Douglas from Lubbock, Texas. A Japanese redneck! He tells them he has a buddy mechanic in the next town who can fix their car. “Let’s rodeo!” he says, and starts his truck. But then the baby starts to cry, and the semi shuts down. Ando finally figures out that it’s the baby’s power stopping the vehicles.

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