Fall TV Season Officially Starts with 'Heroes,' 'House,' and 'Dancing with the Stars'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Little by little the Fall TV season has been getting started with many of the CW and FOX shows premiering over the past two weeks.  But tonight marks the official start of the season with nine season or series premieres tonight.

So set up multiple DVRs and get ready for the busiest night in TV.

ABC: Dancing with the Stars
CBS: How I Met Your Mother and Accidentally on Purpose
NBC: Heroes
FOX: House
The CW: One Tree Hill

The key to Monday's power tonight is with three two-hour premieres.  Dancing with the Stars kicks off its biggest season ever with the first leg in the three-night, five-hour epic premiere event.

Heroes begins season 4 with a fresh start and a new villain in the form of Samuel, a carnival operator looking to collect all the heroes.  Played by Prison Break's Robert Knepper, he will definitely be one scary bad guy.

FOX also has a two-hour season premiere with House as everyone's favorite malcontent deals with being locked up in an asylum following his mental breakdown last season.  The premiere is a radical departure for the series.  With the exception of one tiny scene featuring Wilson, Hugh Laurie is the only main cast member to appear in the episode.

The final new entry at this hour is the CBS comedy duo of How I Met Your Mother (fresh off Neil Patrick Harris' fantastic Emmy hosting job) and the new Jenna Elfman sitcom Accidentally on Purpose where she plays an older woman who gets knocked up by a younger man during a one night stand.

CBS: Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory
The CW: Gossip Girl

Of course Dancing with the Stars, Heroes and House take up most of the night, but 9pm brings a new episode of Gossip Girl as Blair moves into her dorm, as well as the CBS sitcoms Two and  Half Men (with new Emmy winner Jon Cryer) and the hilarious Big Bang Theory, moving to a new time.

ABC: Castle
CBS: CSI: Miami
NBC: The Jay Leno Show

At 10pm, Captain Hammer returns with a new season of ABC's Castle, although star Nathan Fillion's Dr. Horrible alter ego would apparently prefer to watch CSI: Miami.  On that show's season premiere, the show goes back in time to see how the team first met, and how Horatio Caine got his sunglasses.

It's definitely a crowded night, and it's hard to figure out what to watch.  Luckily NBC shows like Heroes go on Hulu the next day, so Heroes could wait while you watch House and record How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory.

Or you could watch Dancing with the Stars, record the CW shows and wait until next week when the House season premiere comes onto Hulu, then go onto CBS' website to watch the sitcoms later in the week.

If you're resourceful and if you have patience, a DVR and a high-speed Internet connection, then it might be possible to watch everything on Monday nights, but for now, I'd recommend skipping a few things.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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