You Don't Look a Day Over 99: 'Hell's Kitchen' Celebrates a Milestone
You Don't Look a Day Over 99: 'Hell's Kitchen' Celebrates a Milestone
Hitting the 100th episode mark is an achievement for any TV series, but it's especially amazing for Hell's Kitchen. Just think about the number of bleeped curse words, the amount of food thrown in the garbage, not to mention the long line of shattered dreams. 100 isn't just an episode number, it's also the number of times Hell's Kitchen has opened for service and there are real restaurants that never make it that far.

So what's the secret to Hell's Kitchen's longevity? I believe it's the fact that they cook with love. I'm sure that's it. Aren't you?

Like the first episode, the quick challenge at the top of the show had nothing at all to do with the 100th celebration and I'm surprised that they didn't make more out of it. Instead of asking the chefs to create something fitting, they were asked to spend under sixty dollars for four different meat dishes. Four celebrity judges were brought in and it was time to play, The Price is Right!

They've done this game on the show before and it makes no sense to me at all. Each judge tastes a dish from each team then says how much they'd be willing to pay for the meal. Taste is subjective enough but to say one dish is work $22 dollars and the other $28 is ridiculous. The girls and Trev won again, but it was simply dumb luck. They got a boat trip while the blue team had to fumigate and clean the restaurant.

To announce the big night, Ramsay commissioned the Goodyear blimp to fly overhead blinking the 100th episode message. He makes a deal out of the night being a black-tie affair, but honestly, people usually dress up anyway, so no big change there. But a special night means VIPs and the first four will be sitting at the chef's tables in the kitchen. It's former Hell's Kitchen winners Rock, Christina, Danny, and Holli.

Rock was one of my favorite winners and one of the few contestants I thought deserved a restaurant of his own. Danny I don't even remember and Holli and Christina - no real love there. I'm sure they all enjoyed seeing Ramsay's wrath from the outside for a change. I only wish the show had allowed them to comment more on the proceedings since they looked like they had plenty to say.

The other big VIP's for the evening were Iqbal Theba who plays Principal Figgins and Patrick Gallagher who played Coach Tanka on Glee. No insult intended to those two, very funny gentlemen, but that's all they go by way of celebs for the big 100th party?

Inexplicably, it was Trev's turn to lose his mind. He was on the garnish station and completely lost all control of what he was doing and was tossed out of the kitchen. People slip, but after saving Sabrina the service before, it was like he forgot how to cook.

HK_808-Din_080.jpgOn the blue side, everyone has forgotten how to cook and as the girls finished their service, the guys still had nine tickets left on their side. Rubbery lobster, raw chicken, poor timing on bringing things to the pass together. There was no one person who stood out, they were all lacking, so Ramsay sent them all packing and asked the girls to finish their tickets.

When it came to nominations, the guys easily chose Boris to go up again but were torn between Vinny and Rob. Ramsay addressed all three of them and then sent Boris home. But wait -- there's someone else who needs a dressing down. . . at the last second Ramsay also called Trev forward and then we saw "To Be Continued."

Is Trev going home, too? Or is this just a grandstand play to make up for two weak episodes? What do you think? And how do you feel about the grand 100th celebration? Not all that grand, was it?

Cr: Patrick Wymore/FOX