Suzanne on 'Hell's Kitchen' Exit: I Came Off Strong
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
I guess it's safe to say Suzanne wasn't exactly the most liked contestant on Hell's Kitchen. For the longest time, everyone wanted her gone, and I'm sure there were high-fives and sighs of relief when she was finally eliminated last week (the biggest sigh most probably came from Tennille, plus a few choice words that are unfit for public consumption).

For Suzanne, who was apparently good enough to make it to the final five of the Fox cooking show, it was a combination of "misinterpretation and personalities" that did her in, as far as not being Miss Congeniality on Hell's Kitchen.

"I went in there very serious.  I think I came off a bit too strong, a bit too intimidating.  That ended up turning into, 'Oh, she's pompous and arrogant.'"

She also blamed the gender-based grouping in the season because "girls are catty bitches" and that she would've stayed longer if it weren't for that.

"Girls don't generally work well together... It seems to be that male figures in the kitchen tend to relax other females.  If the playing field had been evened out a little, some girls would've naturally floated into that subservient role while others would rise to the expectation level of being dominant."

Personally, the fact that the other girls didn't seem to mind that it was an all-girl team already disproves Suzanne's theory, that Sabrina, Ariel, and Tennille worked together well most of the time means the problem wasn't in the gender grouping, it was with the person.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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