Suzanne Axed from 'Hell's Kitchen' - Finally
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
There goes my prediction. Hell's Kitchen finally bids farewell to Suzanne, who hadn't exactly been the most liked contestant on the Fox cooking show because, well,  let's just say she hadn't exactly been the model of humility during her prolonged stay. For as long as I can remember, all the other contestants have been pushing her for elimination but, somehow, she had emerged unscathed - until tonight, when her big mouth and not so big skills have caught up with her.

And then there were four on Hell's Kitchen. After Suzanne leaves Hell's Kitchen, four chefs remain on the show as things really begin to go down the wire - Tennille, Ariel, Dave, and Kevin.

On tonight's episode, the contestants had their first individual challenge, where they were given 45 minutes to cook an entrée that tastes as good as it looks. Their works were judged by the editorial chef of Bon Appetit magazine (visual aspect), and Chef Ramsay and the Bon Appetit editor in chief (taste). In the end, it was Ariel's John Dory dish and Kevin's Caribbean Sea Bass who were adjudged the best. Yep, the challenge in a tie because both judge couldn't come up with just one winner. For their reward, the two join the judges at the Shutters on the Beach Hotel in Santa Monica for a photo shoot for Bon Appetit. Plus, their entrees was featured in that night's service.

Come service time, even the reliable contestants made mistakes - Tennille, who did a good job in last week's dinner service, overcooked the risotto (although Kevin confessed that he overcooked the rice in pre-service preparation, so they had to get a new batch of rice altogether). Ariel, who'd been on a skid lately, undercooked the fish and the lamb. At the end of the night, clearly, it was the worst service in the competition.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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