Hell's Kitchen: Who Should Win in the Season 4 Finale?
Though Gordon Ramsay is one of the most talented cooks in the world, Hell's Kitchen often seems populated with amateurs who aren't fit to stir risotto on the same stove as the master chef.  With season 4 of the series offering one challenger the chance to work as an executive chef in Ramsay's own restaurant, it was especially important for the foul-mouthed culinary genius to weed out the "donkeys" and discover who has true potential.  Ramsay has settled on two finalists who he believes have what it takes to survive at The London West Hollywood: Christina and Petrozza.  Which of these chefs deserves the grand prize?

The Case for Christina

There's no denying that the 25-year-old Missouri native has impressive culinary skills.  She may not be as experienced as her older competitor, but she's won numerous challenges throughout the series, including three individual challenges in a row.  She's proved that she can work well in a team, feels comfortable leading a kitchen and can actually cook a decent meal.

The Case for Petrozza

Petrozza has come a long way since he served Ramsay that hideous "hen in a pumpkin" dish back in the first episode of the season.  Though the men's team constantly struggled and bickered with one another, Petrozza often kept a good attitude and was chosen as "the best of the worst" on more than one occasion.  He also finally won an individual challenge in Tuesday night's episode, whipping up a filet mignon that impressed three of Ramsay's executive chefs.

Who Should Win?

Both chefs are undeniably talented, but do either of them really have what it takes to work in a kitchen at The London West Hollywood?  Christina's inexperience and controlling nature could work to her detriment, while Petrozza has shown no signs of improving his messy habits.  Also, I found it interesting that Ramsay's current executive chefs were so critical of both Christina and Petrozza's signature dishes in the latest episode.  If one of the challengers is expected to jump into Ramsay's kitchen, shouldn't their food be up to par by now?

Though I'm not convinced that either chef is worthy of working alongside Ramsay, he's still going to have to pick a winner in the Hell's Kitchen season finale.  My vote goes for Christina.  Petrozza has experience, but he also has bad habits that have been ingrained in him for years.  Christina is the type of chef who can possibly be molded into a culinary whiz if she works with the right people.  What could be a better learning experience for her than getting thrown right into the fire at The London West Hollywood?

Hell's Kitchen airs its final episode of the season Tuesday at 9pm on FOX.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)