'Hell's Kitchen' Season 8: We Are Not Amused
It's time for the black jackets! If you're a Hell's Kitchen fan, you know what that means. No more red team and blue team, now the remaining chefs have to work together to serve the entire dining room out of one kitchen. If you didn't see it, let me give you a hint - "my heart will go on and on. . . "

Before the doors open though, Gordon Ramsay has a very special treat for the challenge winner and a whole table-full of special guest judges in order to make the call. It's all about first impressions when the chefs are asked to create an amuse-bouche that looks as good as it tastes.

In an homage to Dancing with the Stars, each judge offers a score between 1 and 10, first for presentation and then for taste. Gail comes on strong with an average looking spring roll that got her 87 out of 100. It sounded like the celebrity chefs were going to go easy but that wasn't the case. One by one, they pounded down each of the remaining chefs until they got to Russell who scored a perfect 100. Trev was last with a frog leg hors d'oeuvres that one chef said looked like he'd put the whole frog in a blender. Yuck. He ended up getting the lowest score of the bunch and it only fueled his anger to the point of dementia.

Russell's prize was a personal tour and lunch at the new LA Market, the restaurant he'd be running if he won the whole game. He was allowed to take a guest and he went for fair over friendship and chose Gail because she came in second.

Left behind, Sabrina, Nona, Jillian and Trev had to scrub the dorms. I get why they were punished but I'm not sure why we had to listen to talk about disgusting trash before showing Russell enjoying his lunch.

Trev spent his time in front of the camera planning the demise of all four girls.

A Little Service Please?

The twist to the dinner service was Steak Diane made tableside by Nona. A wasted effort since we only got to see her make it once and it had no effect on the night at all. In the kitchen, Trev and Sabrina were on appetizers and right off the bat they were at each other's throats. Trev was so out of line that Chef Scott took him down a few pegs and that's a rare sight.

Burned risotto, mushy spaghetti, no color on the scallops, it was like day one all over again. Ramsay started complaining that he couldn't take it anymore, then Gail sent him a Halibut that stuck to the pan when held upright. The topper of the night was Sabrina's in ability to make a salad. A salad. Really. And can you believe she thought that wasn't reason enough to go home.

Halfway through service, Ramsay decided he'd had enough and shut down the kitchen completely. I don't remember the last time he did that, especially this late in the game. The thought of any one of these chefs running a major LA restaurant boggles my mind so I hope there's a loophole in the contract.

When it came time to choose the two who would be up for elimination, it was a pretty easy choice, Trev and Sabrina. Sabrina nominated Gail, then cornered Jillian in the bathroom (where there were cameras?!?) and made her change her vote. Ah, but Nona had the tie-breaking vote so Gail was saved. . . sort of.

Faced off with Ramsay, Sabrina decided to try a new tactic. First she fully admitted that she deserved to up for elimination. Then she started to whine and said that as much as she hates Trev, she doesn't think either of them deserves to go home. Gail should go. Then she burst into tears. Ramsay wasn't impressed. He canned her with an incredibly insightful comment.  He said she needed to grow-up. Really? Ya think?

In her final monologue, Sabrina showed us what she's really made of. "I'm leaving Hell's Kitchen a fighter," she said. "I fought with Chef Ramsay, I fought with everybody."

And that's why she's no longer in line for the job at LA Market.

We miss Sabrina already. If you miss her, too, click here for a look at Sabrina's Guide to Life.

CR: Patrick Wymore/FOX