'Hell's Kitchen' Season 8: Finalist Fusion
'Hell's Kitchen' Season 8: Finalist Fusion
Eleven weeks ago, sixteen aspiring chefs stepped into Hell's Kitchen with the dream of becoming the head chef at Gordon Ramsay's LA Market. Some made a good first impression, others were horrendous from the start and one didn't even make it past the first dinner service.

Yesterday there were four and now there are two. But even with Ramsay's careful coaching and meticulous standards, none of the final four has all of the ingredients of the perfect head chef. So in honor of this week's challenge theme, it's time for some finalist fusion.

Russell and Raj

Russell is a straight shooter who can always be counted on to get the job done. He doesn't make excuses, he has high standards and he's proven he can lead. So what is Russell missing? He's missing that wild card factor. All creative genius', including those in the kitchen, are just a tiny bit crazy. It's what allows them to come up with fabulous dishes like fried Kit Kats with octopus dressing. Raj was no doubt a creative genius, at least in his own mind. He was full of energy and surprises and that's what made him exciting. Russell is a workhorse in the kitchen but he needs to find his fun side if he wants to be great.

Nona and Sabrina

Nona, like Russell, is very dependable in the kitchen. She doesn't look for ways to avoid an unpleasant task and she takes direction well. Unlike Russell, Nona has a fun side. She has that mischievous twinkle in her eye and a smile that lights up her face. She's somebody you could spend the day with at Disneyland, but does that make for a good boss? Nona's problem is that she's too easy going. What she needs is some of Sabrina's sass. Sabrina may have had her faults, but she believed in herself even when the odds were against her. She picked her path and she followed it to the end and she was always noticeable in the kitchen. Nona is a solid chef but a little bit of Sabrina's sass could turn her into a force to be reckoned with.

Trev and Curtis

Trev started out with loads of promise. He had skills and the ability to create a decent dish under pressure but he let his anger get the best of him and it was down hill from there. Unlike the other finalists, Trev never learned from his mistakes. He didn't believe he ever made a mistake and that's not the sign of a great chef. Curtis, on the other hand, was laid back and open to learning. He never let the pressure of service rush him into completing a dish before he was ready, even if it meant holding up his entire team. Imagine Trev with Curtis' slow Southern style and that there, is real potential.

Jillian and Boris

Jillian came very, very close to being one of the final two. Much closer than anyone imagined when the show began eleven weeks ago. Sweet and unassuming in the kitchen, she was like a wide-eyed cheerleader who couldn't be swayed even when the team was down ten to nothing. Unfortunately, a sunny disposition won't keep a busy kitchen running smoothly and that was why she missed making the final. What Jillian needed was an infusion of Boris. Now there's a man who you noticed in the kitchen. He had confidence (even when he was way off base) and a presence that said, 'listen to me' or else. Jillian is a joy in the kitchen but if she had some of Boris' imposing attitude, she'd be the most sought after chef in all of L.A..

There you have it, the recipe for four excellent chefs! If you could fuse together two Hell's Kitchen contestants, past or present, which two would you combine to make the perfect cooking machine?

(Image courtesy of Mathieu Young/FOX)