'Hell's Kitchen' Season 8: And in This Corner ...
'Hell's Kitchen' Season 8: And in This Corner ...
Hell's Kitchen season 8 kicks off with a new graphic that shows the contestants as Lilliputians doing battle with not only a giant Gordon Ramsay, but with each other. Sounds about right seeing as this whole season was designed to emphasis the fighting which, to quote Ms. Newton-John, will be getting physical.

Maybe they should do away with the cooking part of the competition and turn this show into an off-shoot of the WWE. And in this corner ...

Last night, the Hell's Kitchen Pro-Wrestling team took to the ring in front of a packed house. There were three heavyweight bouts on the card and plenty of surprises.

The evening began with two exhibition bouts, Two-Much McGrath vs The Salad and Cornpone Curtis vs The Sushi. Trev McGrath hails from Chicago where he's a line cook so it seemed like he had the upper hand but The Salad took him down again and again. Cornpone Curtis, from Beebe, Arkansas ended up paired with The Sushi, who came into the bout with centuries of experience behind him. It was a one-sided fight from the beginning so Ref Ramsay had not choice but to call it a knockout in favor of the fishy food.

The Main Event

Vinny the Vest vs Gentleman James

Vinny may work the Las Vegas strip, but he's a Queens, New York boy through and through and it was that scrappy NY attitude that kept him on his feet when Gentleman James came out swinging. Gentleman James is the new kid on the block, but he confidently took Vinny to the mat after accusations that Vinny was trash-talking his own teammates. James gets the win and Vinny got a dressing down from Ref Ramsay.

Baby Spice vs. No No Nona

The second bout of the night belonged to the ladies - or maybe we should say "females" since there wasn't much lady-like behavior going on between these two. Sabrina "Baby Spice" Brimhall was the aggressor through much of the fight. She even had the nerve to present herself at the pass before her teammate was ready to go. It was a close call but Nona took the win and that led Baby Spice to call for a review. She said Nona should go because she snores! Then she added a gangster move which frankly made her look even more ridiculous. Clear win to Nona.

Missed-it Miyagi vs. Boris Not-Badenough


The final battle of the night was the biggest and it got started long before the fighters took to the ring. Before the battle Raj "Missed-it Miyagi" Brandston tried to intimidate his opponents by showing off his karate moves during a social gathering. Experts say his technique leaves something to be desired but his crazed, wide-eyed stare has led a few people to step aside rather than engage. Brooklyn native Boris Poleschuk, was fearless when he came face-to-face with Raj during the pizza round. He expected a good, clean fight, but what he got was Curly from the Three Stooges. Raj is crazy. Crazy like a fox. He won the bout and the night and it looks like he'll be fighting in Hell's Kitchen stadium for a long time to come.

Did you enjoy fight-night in Hell's Kitchen? Or is this too much of a bad thing?

Cr: Mathieu Young/FOX