'Hell's Kitchen': Sabrina's Guide to Life
Last night, Sabrina Brimhall was eliminated on Hell's Kitchen. Though Gordon Ramsay said she needed to grow-up a little more, we think that Sabrina had a unique outlook that we could all benefit from. And so we present, Sabrina's Guide to Life.

When Sabrina arrived in Hell's Kitchen, she was a 22 year-old prep cook from El Cajon, CA. She didn't know anything about "brigades." She didn't know anything about being civil toward other human beings. She didn't know how to make risotto. And yet, she took on the challenge with guts and gusto and "bigger balls then all of these girls put together."

Sabrina's confusion about the male vs female anatomy, may come from the fact that she's admittedly not all that literate. When Chef Ramsay asked which book she copied a recipe from, she swore she had made it up on her own.

"To be honest, I don't really even read that often," she said in her confessional and no one was surprised.

A Cook by Its Cover

The most important thing we can learn from Sabrina is that looks are everything. How you look totally determines how much respect you get from your co-workers. We always thought respect was about doing your share, being kind and going out of your way to help others. We were wrong.

"Whenever I walk into a kitchen, people don't respect me. If I were a male, I were older, if I were fatter, those people get more respect."

Sabrina also proved that style is important. She arrived in Hell's Kitchen wearing too tight jeans and spike heeled boots that were killing her feet during the first challenge. Did it matter? No. Because fashion is everything, especially when you're trying to impress a world-class chef.

Feast your eyes on two of Sabrina's other outfits and be inspired.

In the first photo, Sabrina and the girls were given a $2,000 shopping spree while the men recycled trash. Sabrina obviously decided to honor the boys by dressing like trash.  And here's Senorita Baby Spice on her way to a classy LA luncheon. Top notch.

And don't forget your beauty rest! A good night's sleep is important, which is why Sabrina thought Nona should be eliminated.

"She snores and it keeps us all awake. I honestly believe she's good for nothing."

Couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Romance and Relationships

Sabrina loves to cook, but she knows that the world does not revolve around the kitchen. Take her brief but fiery love affair with Chef Ludo LeFebvre in last night's episode. The temperature in the kitchen rose to the boiling point when she saw him walk through the doors.

"He's like all tan, and he's got beautiful eyes. . . he's like a Chef God!"

But a man should know that his lady doesn't like to be criticized, so the love affair was off the minute Ludo said her amuse wasn't all that. As Sabrina prepared to key his car, Ludo won her back with his love of her garlicky-ness. Yes, that's why we love her, too.

When it comes to friends and co-workers, Sabrina is equally passionate. She wants nothing but the best for her friends which is why she insists they follow her lead at all times. When one of her co-workers is being wronged, it's Sabrina who jumps to their defence as she did with Emily;

"Emily f**d up and yes, she sucks but she hasn't done as horribly as Melissa."

And Trev;

"I'm fighting for Trev, and that's really weird. . . we don't get along but he should stay, and I should stay and Gail should leave."

Well, now that that's settled. .  .

If you only learn one lesson from Sabrina, let it be this. Never go down with out a fight. In trouble? Follow these easy steps.

1. Manipulate - divide and conquer and make people feel bad for having a mind of their own.

2. Admit your own guilt - it may make you appear humble and everyone will feel sorry for you.

3. Point out how you may be bad but everyone else is worse - this is known as the lesser of the evils method.

4. When all else fails, cry. It may not be allowed in baseball, but crying is perfectly acceptable in the kitchen. Especially when it's Hell's Kitchen.

Sabrina was a childish, whiny, manipulative monster but we already miss her so we're starting a petition to get Fox to produce the Sabrina and Raj show. Fashion, cooking, martial arts and madness. A guaranteed hit.

Are you glad Sabrina is gone? Or do you miss her, too?

Cr: Mathieu Young/FOX