'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: What to Do with Cooks Like You?
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: What to Do with Cooks Like You?
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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We can always count on Hell's Kitchen to erupt into chaos. That's certainly what we have had going on these last two weeks. Can these chefs realize that it takes an entire kitchen crew to win a challenge? Will they buy a clue and remember the recipe? Will Ramsay kick anyone out of the kitchen tonight? More importantly, will he dismiss one early? It's going to be an interesting hour.

After Party

After Nicole's departure, the women celebrate. They see their bad luck leaving along with Nicole, so that's a good thing. As each sleep in their beds, 5:45 AM arrives and the chefs are awakened by the sound of little pigs' feet in the dorm. Each leave the dorm carrying a pig.

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Down on the Farm

Outside, Ramsay waits with a pen for the pigs and lambs. Ramsay plans to test the chefs today on utilizing potatoes. Three chefs from each team will dig up potatoes until they reach 100 pounds. The pigs, and lambs will be scurrying around them as they work. These chefs don't want to lose - hey wait! Don't hurt that pig!

They'll do anything to win and stick potatoes down their overalls. Should we eat any of these? When the Blue Team finishes first, they find it is only part one of the challenge.

In the Kitchen with Ramsay

Each team has 40 minutes to prepare potato dishes. They can use other ingredients but the potato has to be the focus of the dish. While the Blue Team's kitchen is vocal, the Red Team is barely talking. Actually this is a welcome break from their screams. However, deciding five dishes to present to Ramsay proves difficult as all members of the Red Team see theirs as best. Now I'm really scared.

As Ramsay starts tasting, you know it will be close. The Blue Team wins the first round while they tie on dish two. Third round goes to the Blue Team but the Red pulls ahead during the fourth round. In the final round, both dishes are great but the women manage to win the yacht trip over the men. While the ladies enjoy the sea with Jean Phillipe, the men must clean the pigs and lambs.

Prepping and Fussing

As all gather in the kitchen to prep, Rochelle is sick. With Rochelle sick, Simone suddenly feels ill. With two of the Red Team down, the others voice that Simone is faking illness. The Blue Team is working away until Demarco accidentally cuts his finger. Demarco must go to the hospital because of the severity while the women return to the kitchen but it's unclear if they will be able to concentrate and work. Ramsay has urged Simone to come back; her teammates seem a little scared of her because of her "crazy eyes."

Service, Please

As Jean Phillipe opens the restaurant, this service already looks like it's in trouble. The men share "love" while the ladies try to master Zen. With one member on the floor, the rest must work together. Immediately the fish station for both teams has problems. On the Blue Team, Mike is standing around, leaving the work to Chris. On the Red Team, Simone and Jess just can't get it together. The good news: the risotto is good for both teams. Simone continues to give a lackluster appearance which gets Ramsay on her case. She can't even answer his questions. Yet, he lets her stay.

While the Red Team troubles continue, the Blue Team isn't doing much better. Mike just seems lost on the fish station and Chris is frustrated. While the Red Team starts entrees, they cook with empty pans on the stove, seemingly. Garnish, chicken, fish and steak have lost their flavor at the hands of these chefs. The Blue Team has trouble with timing. The Red Team has some insane laughter going on. The Blue Team gets kicked out at first, but the Red Team follow very quickly. Ramsay has had one bad night and it shows.

Disgrace for the Chefs

Ramsay sends the sous chefs up to fetch the teams. He's so mad, he doesn't allow them in the kitchens. Ramsay wants three nominees from each team, and he wants the same quality they presented the day before.  The Red Team nominates just about everyone on the team.

The Blue Team doesn't nominate everyone but they can't decide who will join Mike and Chris on the chopping block. And Mike and Chris aren't taking this lightly. The cussing is heavy in both kitchens and things almost get physical during the Blue Team's meeting. We were told they were aggressive but already on week three? What will it be like on week six?

Noms and Elimination

Ramsay doesn't waste time tonight. He asks Sandra for the Red Team nominations which are Simone, Rochelle, and herself. Ramsay is surprised, and asks Sandra why she is a nominee. Her teammates say it is because of her attitude. Every member of that team has an attitude. The Blue Team nominates Mike, Demarco, and Chris.

Ramsay tells Simone, Mike and Demarco to take off their jackets and step forward. He gives each a moment to give a defense. While Simone's is hard to hear, Demarco admits to having confidence issues and Mike blames Chris. This was a good strategy for Mike to use in order to pass the blame.

As Ramsay starts his speech, Simone offers to leave and he tells her to go. She tells us it's due to her feeling ill. Mike and Demarco get their jackets back as he kicks all of them out of the kitchen. In confessionals, Sandra is mad and out for revenge. Simone should be happy she's gone with the love the Red Team has for each other.

Next week: The men decide that the women are evil and need to go. What do they do to the guys? And for some reason Simone ends up on the guy's side during service. Is she stealing food? 

Stay tuned next week on an all new Hell's Kitchen, 8 p.m. on Thursday nights on FOX!

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