'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Season 5 Premiere (Page 1/2)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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It's the premiere of Season 5 of Hell's Kitchen, and this season Gordon Ramsay himself promises the most intense, most shocking season of the cooking competition yet. Which means one thing: some of this year's chefs are going to make him very, very angry. I can't wait! (Especially for my favorite Ramsay insult: “DONKEY!”)

But before we get to this year's crap-making “muppets,” the Hell's Kitchen producers want us to realize how tough the application process was this year. More than ever before, in the tens of thousands, chefs applied to undergo Ramsay's systematic culinary torture. 300 were invited to the set of HK to meet the man, and 16 from that pool were then chosen to compete for this year's grand prize: the executive chef position at a brand new fine-dining restaurant in the Borgata Resort in Atlantic City. Oh, and $250,000. So it's a pretty sweet gig. But it won't be easy to win.

The first challenge for our 16 castigation-seeking chefs: the Signature Dish Challenge. Ramsay's special spittoon stands ready by his side, and even though this cast of cooks has been deemed the best yet, the bin is still guaranteed to get some “unbelievable CRAP” spewed into it.

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To make it easy for everyone, I've divided the group up into 4 distinct Ramsay categories.


Wil – “The presentation is sloppy.”
Robert – “It's clumsy.”
Giovanni – “You must be the only executive chef in America that can't cook rice.”

Absolute Crap
Danny – “It looks like you've gone bananas.”
Lacey – “That's definitely corporate. You serve, they eat—straight after, they vomit.”
Charlie – “That… is a joke.”
LA – “Screwed up Fish and Chips. Terrible.”
J – “That… is an F.”
Colleen – “You seriously charge $300 to teach people how to make that crap? I feel like I need some plastic wrap on my ass.”

Worst Dish I've Ever Tasted
Seth – “That's the worst dish I've ever tasted.”

Seth also gets the distinguished honor of almost being the quickest exit on Hell's Kitchen ever, when he laughs as Ramsay berates his disgusting honey-soaked ratatouille.

It's hard to believe, but that was the best Signature Dish tasting ever. The women established themselves as the team to beat, with only one guy, Ben, getting a really good review.

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