'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: School Is in Session, Ladies
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: School Is in Session, Ladies
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Hell's Kitchen starts the week off with the men's team down by one chef. Not only that, but it looks like Ramsay sends them back to preschool! Who is up to the challenge? Better yet, who can survive another dinner service? We know that Ramsay doesn't send out food that he calls "crap." It's another night of testing for these misfits that I hope doesn't lead to fists being thrown.

Back to School

The teams begin the episode by rehashing the dinner service in the dorms. What's this? Is love blooming between two chefs on opposing teams? This is kind of gross when they should be at war. As they peacefully sleep, motorcycles sudden blaze through the dorms. Is this a dorm or a motorcross?

As the chefs join Ramsay outside, the motorcyclists perform in the steel ball. Ramsay talks about teamwork and gives helmets to the would-be chefs. In teams of two they must ride a tricycle to the cooking station and demonstrate one of five cooking techniques. The one that completes all five tasks first wins the challenge. This could be good because the men talk and the women argue. Ramsay calls the group to begin the relay and the women ignore him.

First up is peeling shrimp. The guys find riding the trikes hard, but finish the tasks first. Moving on, the men have a head start with the chicken, but Chris cuts his hand and unfortunately they leave the wings attached. The women win that round but lose the third round to the men when they can't chuck the oysters. For once, the men have it together. The fourth round is neck-and-neck with the trout and they finish almost together. The last round, omelets, is tight but the men finish first and arrive back at their team.

Ramsay announces the reward. The Blue Team will travel to San Francisco while the women will spend the day on a local carrot farm. While the men eat at a restaurant overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, the women ride a school bus (while being insulted) to a farm to pull carrots out of the field. Never before has a farmer lost so much produce, since they leave most of the carrots in the ground. One good thing though: they do share a laugh.

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Preparation and Dinner Time

The women are in the kitchen prepping the carrots as the men return from San Fran. If looks could kill, there would be no Blue Team to compete that night. Disagreements are everywhere and no one seems to offer any help, only criticism. These women are at each other throats and we hear the infamous should of: "Bring it!"

After a warning from Ramsay, the restaurant opens with a special raw oyster bar being run by Mike from the Blue Team and Shannon, I think, from the Red Team. The men are working together and talking, but nothing comes from the women's side but disagreements. Tonight, Ramsay has a special raw oyster appetizer served by Mike on the Blue Team and Shannon (I think) from the women. First ticket is in and the Red Team start to scramble. Unfortunately, they can't cook risotto. The Blue Team start but the first attempt is salty. They still get the appetizers out before the Red Team does. As the evening progresses with some missteps from the Blue Team, they still manage to serve appetizers and start attempts on the entrees. The ladies meanwhile go down two when appetizers continually fail to leave the kitchen. Ramsay isn't happy and he's letting it be known.

As the chaos in the kitchens continue, the Blue Team still cannot cook chicken which gets the Blue Team evicted from the kitchen. The Red Team still has a chance of completing dinner for all the guests but they are just as bad as the men with raw fish. The Red Team is now thrown out. I don't see how there can be a winning team, folks.

Ramsay calls the group together and tells both teams to come up with two nominees. The men discuss who the weakest link is and Scott is called out by Gabriel about a lack of communication. Gabriel has owned up to his mistakes and will take a nomination. Meanwhile the Red Team, amid cussing and name calling, decide Beth needs to go. Of course, Beth blames Rochelle. Simone's risotto may get her nominated. Where the men are civil, the ladies are looking for blood!

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Nomination and Eviction Ceremony

The Blue Team nominates DeMarco and Gabriel while the Red Team nominates Beth and Simone. All are called forward by Ramsay who is in a hurry. The usual arguments of having the fight to win, showing the desire, never giving up, and promising to never undercook chicken again fly. DeMarco is asked if he is over his head, which he denies. Ramsay says that one person has shown no leadership and he sends Nicole on her way. Hey, she wasn't even up. Nicole gives a special salute as she walks down the hall. Now the teams are even and Ramsay is demanding a comeback. Ramsay tells us Nicole is useless even as a line cook. Ouch.

Next week: Members of both teams act crazy and an ambulance is called, but is it for a fight or an injury... or both? The women continue to show that they don't understand a kitchen. How badly is the member of the Blue Team injured? Does a Red Team member's behavior call her behavior into question? Next week's episode looks intense folks!

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