'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Episode 5.8 (Page 1/3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Last time on Hell’s Kitchen, J got the boot, and Lacey and Ben barely missed elimination. Let’s see what fresh Hell our chef-testants get themselves into tonight!

After the elimination ceremony, Giovanni gives Carol a pep talk about teamwork, and worries her bad attitude is poisoning their dynamic. Carol blames Andrea, whom she says isn’t a team player. Everyone agrees that Lacey is magically scraping by for inexplicable reasons—and the Blue team is not too pleased about it.

The next morning, Ramsay welcomes the teams, and presents them with two tartar dishes to taste. Lacey is, big surprise here, the only one who hasn’t made a tartar before. He tells them one is beef and the other is scallop, and the chefs rave all about them—until he reveals that the beef is actually tuna, and the scallop is sea bass. Ben called it the best scallop ever! So today’s challenge is to test their sense of taste. He asks 1 chef from the Red team to sit out, and LA quickly volunteers. She admits that she’s insecure about her tasting skills, partly because she’s a smoker. (Which makes me wonder why all the people smoke at all! Isn’t it a big part of their job to taste?)

First up, with earmuffs and blindfolds: Andrea vs. Ben. They go through filet mignon, egg white, beets, and romaine lettuce, and at the end Ben leads Andrea 3 to 2.  Next are Rob and Giovanni. Both go 0 for 4, incorrectly identifying turnip, pea tendrils, lobster, and black truffle (supposedly Robert’s favorite!). “I’m no Helen Keller,” Robert says, effectively convincing me I need to make a “Best Robert Quotes” slideshow ASAP. (If you have a favorite Robert quote—please leave me a comment so I don’t forget it!)

Next are Lacey and Carol. Carol out-guesses Lacey, and the Red team leads with 5 to 4 correct guesses when they’re done. Paula and Danny are up now, and Ramsay changes the game—he will give them each an entire dish with 10 ingredients inside. They each have 10 guesses. The dish is minestrone. After 9 shots in the dark (see what I did there?) Danny and Paula have tied up the teams at 7 to 7, because that’s what happens in every challenge ever—it’s all tied up before the final decision after the commercial break. Must just be a total coincidence. Anyway, it all comes down to the last guess. Danny gets it wrong, and Paula gets it right, so the Red team wins.

Next up: Prize and Punishment. And someone thinks she's the prettiest belle of the ball.

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