'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Episode 5.4 (Page 1/3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Tonight on Hell’s Kitchen, we’re sure to see the fall-out of the inexplicable fact that Colleen, Lacey, and Seth remain in the competition. And their customers tonight are tougher than most: the remaining 13 get a quick lesson about real teamwork when 50 hungry kids from a local youth football and cheerleading program invade Hell's Kitchen.

After the elimination of Charlie, Giovanni tells Seth that he doesn’t respect him. Seth defends himself for playing the game. Robert cracks up the group with his best Chef Ramsay impression—however, not with the best British accent. The group is dying of laughter of his soft-spoken “Crap!” impersonation.

The next morning, Ramsay starts off their meeting by asking Carol who the best chef on her team is—she says herself or Andrea. He asks the Blue team, and Danny pipes in and says himself. Oh goodness. Don’t they know that being cocky gets you nowhere with Gordon, and usually comes back to haunt you? Then Ramsay breaks the news that they will need to have maximum teamwork for their challenge this morning, when they will be opening Hell’s Kitchen for breakfast. Paula tells the camera that she hates cooking breakfast. Seth calls the eggs station when he says his eggs are phenomenal—because (go figure) he follows a Ramsay recipe.

The customers bust through a huge HK banner—and it’s a league of pee wee football players and their cheerleaders. ADORABLE! The little girls do a cheer for the Red Team, while the little footballers root on the Blue Team. Colleen keeps cheering along with the little cheerleaders, and annoys the rest of her team. The Blue Team takes an earlier lead, feeding half of the 50 football players without the women having served many of theirs.

But it’s apparent that Seth is the weakest link on the Blue Team—he’s going slow on the eggs. Seth claims there were too many orders. Danny says the football players could have done it better. The women actually catch up while Seth slows down the Blue team. It’s now a race to see who can finish first. The little kids are screaming to see who will complete service, and it’s down to the wire. The women get their last scramble out, and win. Giovanni is furious, and the Blue Team knows whom to blame—Seth. Robert scolds Seth for not prepping enough eggs. The women cheer along with the little girls for winning their first challenge. Gordon is adorable with the children as he tries to usher them out. “Are you the best cook in the world?” a little one asks him. “Yes,” he laughs. He signs some autographs and my heart melts a little.

Ramsay heads back to the kitchen to give the men their punishment: to clean down every messy table and both kitchens until they’re spotless. They’re also responsible for prepping both kitchens for service that night. The ladies hear that they get to go camping—and they are not too pleased… until Ramsay tells them it’s Beverly Hills “camping,” which means lounging poolside and being waited upon by pool boys. The women run to get on their bikinis and get into their limo. “Good thing we shaved our legs!” LA says as they dance out of the kitchen.

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