'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Episode 5.2 (Page 1/3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
15 aspiring chefs remain in the pursuit of the grand prize on Hell's Kitchen, a Head Chef position at the Borgata Resort in Atlantic City, NJ. Tonight the competition heated up between the blue and red teams. The teams faced another grueling challenge in their quest for Chef Gordon Ramsay’s approval, and tempers flared as both teams struggled to provide the best service.

Who will succeed under Ramsay's watchful eye and sharp tongue, and who can't stand the heat in Hell's Kitchen?

This week on Hell’s Kitchen, the remaining 15 cooks head out of the kitchen after their first service, and the Blue Team is upset that Seth remains on their team. The women recover better after the first challenge, and Coi apologizes for being harsh with Lacey. The rest of the team give Lacey some tough love and ask her to step up or get out.
After an exhausting first challenge, the chefs finally get to bed, when a marching band barges into each house and wakes the teams up at 6 AM. No rest in Hell’s Kitchen! Ramsay waits outside with huge garbage bags full of all their wasted food. He wants to teach them to respect their product, so he challenges each team to dive into two huge barrels full of stinking seawater looking for scallops.

The challenge this week is all about scallops, a very delicate product indeed. Ramsay shows the group how to shell and sear fresh shellfish. This challenge is about perfection and attention to detail. Ramsay asks Andrea to sit out the challenge to make the teams even at 7 to 7.

The teams get to work shucking their scallops. They each have 15 minutes to shell as many as possible. Whoever shucks the most to Ramsay’s perfect standards will win. It doesn’t go so well—nobody in the kitchen has any experience with scallops, and poorly shucked ones will not be counted. “UnSHUCKing believable!” Ramsay starts another catchphrase.

When time’s up, Ramsay starts to count the scallops, and the ladies start out strong when Carol perfectly shucks 8 of 8. Coi also does well, as does Colleen. After six women, the Red team has 32 perfect scallops. Up comes Lacey, who doesn’t do so well (no surprise there). She shucks 3 out of 6, and the rest of the team shows their disappointment. That leaves the Blue team with 35 total.

The Blue team starts weakly with Ben, who butchers half his scallops. Danny picks up 9 scallops, Giovanni heroically shucks 13, and Robert contributes 5. Charlie only gets 2, and the men have 32 with 2 men left. Seth’s up next, and gets 3, tying up the teams at 35. J is last up, and Ramsay eyes his 6 scallops. The first 5 have gashes all over them, and he’s down to his last one. The last one is perfect, so the Blue team prevails in the challenge. Their prize: spending a day on one of the most sought-after destination islands: Catalina. The women’s punishment: they’re responsible for setting up the first ever Raw Bar (oysters and scallops) in Hell’s Kitchen.

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