'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Blue Loses Again
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Blue Loses Again
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Well, the chefs of Hell's Kitchen seem as incompetent as ever. Will they ever finish a dinner service? Do they believe in lying, cheating and stealing? Let's settle down for an interesting night with the Red Raiders and the Blue Blahs teams.

The Challenge

Ramsay is upset about the amount of wasted food from the kitchens. Of course, we know this is due to inconsistency. He shows the cooks an example of a wellington that they messed up. To illustrate cost, the money falls from the ceiling. And it just continues to rain down coins. Wow! That's quite a bunch of change.

In the kitchen, Ramsay gives them a lesson on how to make ravioli of lobster. To win the challenge, each team must prepare 10 perfect servings. While the men get off to a quick start, the ladies eventually catch up. As they head to the last dish, the Blue Team's "weakest links" get their final dish up first and the women are listening with bated breath. The Blue Team fails leaving the victory to the jubilant women. These women are so lucky and they don't even know who to thank.

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The women find out that they are going to a Beverly Hill mansion which makes the men realize just what their weakest links (or as Ramsay calls it, "stupidity") have cost them. The Blue Team must clean up all 200,000 pennies and roll them. This will take a long, long time.

The ladies are already drinking by the time they arrive at the mansion. When leaving the car, they start drooling. They are greeted by Jean Philippe. He takes them in the dining room for high tea. It is evident that these ladies have never had high tea.

The Blue Team is complaining about the weakest links and the weak trio doesn't think that the mistakes made are even their fault. Guys, it was your dish. Mike and Demarco get into a fight - wait aren't they the weakest links? Mike is delusional as he just doesn't get how a team works.

Dinner Service

After failing so often, Ramsay takes the restaurant back to basics; he makes it steak night. He wants success and both teams promise to deliver. Demarco is already looking confused and I'm worried about Mike's tasting style. As the kitchen opens, the customers seem happy about the special menu which features a chopped salad served table side.

The Blue Team gets their first order and start cooking. Oh no, they've already forgotten the order. The Red Team looks determined to get it right but have a slight argument break out. The ladies are cooking ravioli without salt? The Blue Team is trying to shut Mike out. The men's first appetizer has no lobster in the ravioli. It's going to be a long night.

Joy takes command of the Red Team and gets delicious risotto out. While "red" diners enjoy their mea, the "blue" diners are hungry. Gabriel does his best to keep them entertained at the tables though. Blue Team now is bringing cold dishes to the pass and Ramsay is mad. Richard and Ralph are sent to the dining room to eat their failed appetizers while Anton takes control of their station.

The Red Team starts entrees and the ladies seem ready to go the distance. Their first filets are perfect. Ralph and Richard return to the Blue kitchen as entrees start to go out. Again, the men have trouble with rare steaks and meat. Anton seems to have the meat station under control until some go to Ramsay cold.

The women finish and Ramsay sends them to help the men. Sandra and Jason don't get along and a shouting match occurs. While Jason wants to apologize to the restaurant, Ramsay tells him to work with Sandra and to watch the attitude. Finally the Blue Team diners are eating.

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The Elimination

Well, there is no doubt which team lost tonight. The Red Team completed dinner service and the Blue Team must come up with two nominees. How about all of the team being called forward? The arguments start immediately as Ralph can't see his mistakes. Mike is missing from the discussion and knows he is going up. Richard is suggested for the crab cake mistake. Demarco feels that they're blaming him when he didn't mess up.

As the Blue Team faces Ramsay, we can see his frustration. Ralph is asked for the first nominee. Mike goes up because he's been hiding behind every station. The second nominee is Demarco because he is a weak link in the kitchen, and Ramsay doesn't seem surprised about this. Demarco claims not to be the weakest link because he cares. Mike feels that once he was allowed to help, he got appetizers out. While his team voices its irritation with Mike, Mike thinks he can win Ramsay over by his comments. Ramsay shows him he's wrong as Mike walks out the door.

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Mike tells us in confessional that he feels like he's the fall guy due to backstabbers. Ramsay tells the Blue Team they need a leader. What Ramsay tells us about Mike is that he "couldn't cook fish or any dish" and so it was bye-bye.

Next week: the girls argue again. Ramsay threatens to send one lady home. A wedding happens but do the men serve food that will make someone sick?

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