'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Best of '13 Chefs Compete'
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Best of '13 Chefs Compete'
Last time on Hell's Kitchen, Elise was sold out, or so she thought, by her fellow chefs. And Chef Ramsay yelled. A lot.

Top Five Moments:

5. Game On: After everyone wanted Elise out last week, she tells the group that she understands the strategy now. "It's about being professional, not personal," she is told by her fellow competitors but she tells them to "bring it on." "You just woke a sleeping giant," Elise lets the chefs know.

4. Steam, boil, poach: While Natalie had unpleasant (we're guessing) flashbacks of high school science class, the guys from Chicago's Moto Cuisine act as judges on this week's closet which is, of course, to mix science and cooking, the newest trend in cooking. The challenge is to pick a protein and, in 45 minutes, create a dish using that protein. The chefs can only use fire and water to prepare their dish, and so they are limited to steaming, boiling or poaching their protein.

3. The big mistake: When the red and blue team go up against each other, there are mistakes made on either side but the biggest mistake came from red team member's Krupa who picked filet mignon as her protein but told everyone she picked veal and tried to pass it off as a veal dish. No one but Ramsay caught the mistake. He wasn't, as you can imagine, very nice about it.

2. More bad news for Krupa: Krupa doesn't do any better during dinner service as Ramsay orders her out of the kitchen saying that while he knows she doesn't know the difference between filet mignon and veal but during service, she can't tell the difference between risotto, which is what she is making, and soup.

1. Krupa's not alone: Krupa isn't the only one disappointing Chef Ramsay. Her fellow red team member Jennifer is sweating it out, literally, as sweat drips off her in front of the guests. Very appetizing. Jonathon is on the blue team and hopefully he can remember that because he has a hard time working the garnish station and knowing what sides go with what. And Monterary, who didn't do too well last week, serves his wellington raw.

Next time on Hell's Kitchen, the challenge is serving a high school reunion, Chef Ramsey will continue yelling and Elise is still around and is going to start out the same way she started tonight's show. Game on.

Jennifer Leah Peck
Contributing Writer

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