'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Best of '11 Chefs Compete'
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Best of '11 Chefs Compete'
Tonight, on Hell's Kitchen, the show evolves around beer. Krupa drinks too much of it, the chefs have to cook with it and the guests have to consume it. Along with the beer, there are a lot of distractions for the men this week as several attractive women act as guests on the show.

Top Five Moments:

5. Beer Sommeliers are awesome... According to everyone but Kruba. When Chef Ramsay introduces the women who want the chefs to cook with beer, everyone is excited for the challenge except for Krupa who drank too much the night before. Beer is the last thing on Krupa's mind.

4. Knocking the cute blondes out of the park: That's what Tommy wants to do with the judges of the beer challenge.

3. Krupa's Dish is Dropped: Poor Krupa. It's a bad episode for her and you can almost feel her hangover through the television screen. When Chef Ramsay asks the teams to drop one dish, Krupa's is the red team's choice. Meanwhile, Carrie is told by Ramsay that her dish is the best thing that she's cooked on the show.

2. We have a hot chick and a fast car: Jonathon announces that these things are right up his alley when the blue team wins and gets to race cars as a prize.

1. Everyone loses: After a tough kitchen service, Chef Ramsay announces that both teams have lost on this episode. The reason: overcooked Wellington, messed up entrees by Jamie and Krupa, Natalie can't cook the scallops ... wait, how did these chefs even make it on the show?

Next time on Hell's Kitchen, we find out who else got kicked off after this episode's challenge and a huge celebrity visits the kitchen. Who do you think it is?

Jennifer Leah Peck
Contributing Writer

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