Hell's Kitchen: Preview of Episode 6.4 "13 Chefs Compete"
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Thirteen chefs are left. On tonight's episode of Hell's Kitchen, the chefs partner up for a challenge that includes making perfectly positioned six-inch sausages. One chef will reportedly explode no thanks to the rising tension between the chefs. As if host Gordon Ramsay wasn't pressure enough, Drew Lachey, John O'Hurley, Tom Green, Melinda Clarke, Chris "Kid" Reid and Kristy Swanson also stop by Hell's Kitchen for dinner service.

Predictably, some things don't turn out right. The red team's dishes are sent back to the kitchen for being too salty, while not to be outdone, the blue team's food is cold, causing Ramsay to blow a gasket.

On the last episode of Hell's Kitchen, Tony and Joseph were shown the door. Tony for not being able to send out the fish on the last episode's service, and Joseph, well, we all know why he got the boot. The 13 contestants were awakened with the sound of fire trucks only to find out that there wasn't really any fire - if you don't count Chef Ramsay's temper, that is. Eventually, the red team won the challenge of serving the firefighters a pasta meal.

The red team then went on a helicopter ride to spend a day at the Pacific Waters Spa, while the losing blue team had to clean up the firefighters' engines plus the dining area, resulting in two chefs spraining something. Both Kevin and Dave opted to stay in Hell's Kitchen, however.

In the ensuing service, meanwhile, Dave and Lovely were assigned to wait tables, the latter receiving hell for her handwriting and a rare brand of wine. Tennille showed us how stubborn she was when she continued to use too much oil in her scallops, despite the advice of her teammates and Gordon. The red team finished first, thanks to Robert who forgot to cook the salmon, but the blue still ended up winning based on the comment cards from patrons.

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- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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