Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.9 Predictions
On last week's episode of Hell's Kitchen, Rosann's luck finally ran out as Gordon Ramsay decided he had given the chef her last chance in service. Meanwhile, Matt, who had seemed to be on the verge of a turnaround last week, chopped off the top of his finger and seemed to lose whatever traction he's gained. Christina had a bad night, and while the Blue Team ultimately prevailed, Petrozza also seemed to falter during service.

So which chef looks like a potential elimination on this week's episode of Hell's Kitchen?

If Ramsay continues in the vein started last week, most folks' money would be on Matt getting the boot. Other than one brief shining risotto, he has yet to really distinguish himself in service, and in fact has seemed more like a liability.

Christina had a bad night – but it was not her first. Ramsay has indicated in the past that he is impressed with her intelligence, but he is not, needless to say, a patient man. Christina needs to regain her focus and master each task in service or Ramsay's positive take on her intellect will not continue to save her.

It's a similar story for Petrozza. Ramsay seemed to admire his maturity a couple weeks back when he took responsibility for his own poor performance. Ramsay might be looking for perfection, and barring finding that, he seems to at least want to see that a chef can see his or her own weaknesses, a necessary step for improvement. However, much like with Christina, Ramsay's good will can only take Petrozza so far.

Louross made an error in judgment during the last reward challenge, and he has also struggled at times in the kitchen. I still feel like he seems to have some skills and smarts, but I also feel like the hustle and focus he had at the start of the competition is drifting. The impact of his actions in the reward challenge seemed to throw him last week and he can't afford getting off track for another service.

Jen, Bobby and Corey are not the warm-and-fuzziest of chefs, but it seems like it would take a major misstep for any of them to be eliminated this week. Ramsay might have taken issue with Jen's backtalk in the past, but she's demonstrated strong leadership and cooking ability, and it seems unlikely he would send that home just yet.

We'll see which of the chefs doesn't make the cut on Tuesday's Hell's Kitchen.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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