Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.4 Recap
Last week on Hell's Kitchen, the contestants discovered that serving dozens of customers isn't easy when Chef Gordon Ramsay is yelling up a storm.  After a disastrous dinner service (as if there's any other kind on this show) that found Ben trying to serve raw salmon and Rosann flinging crab where crab should never go, Ramsay shut things down and declared both teams losers.  Despite the struggles of many contestants, it was ultimately Jason who went home for making a mockery of the dessert course.

The FOX promos for tonight's episode have proclaimed that one chef may lose the ability to cook forever.  Is that just overdramatic hokum, or is Ramsay going to cut somebody's hands off with a cleaver?

The chefs want to get some rest after being berated by Ramsay during elimination, but he's not going to let it happen.  Everyone has to stay up and help clean the kitchen, but Corey decides to go to sleep instead.  Her teammates totally hate her, which is why, in the morning, they elect Jen to lead the red team instead.  The men put Ben up for the position.  The two of them will be leading the teams during a very special family dinner night, which is something that's never taken place in Hell's Kitchen.  I can't wait for all of the children to hear Ramsay drop the F-bomb.

For tonight's challenge, the teams have 20 minutes to make perfect pasta.  The team that weighs in with the most pasta will win, assuming it's up to Ramsay's standards of course.  Jen and Petrozza spin the pasta makers like their lives depend on it, while Matt and Craig do nothing but get in the way.  The men weigh in with a total of 5.48 pounds, while the women end up with 6.57.  The women are really kicking butt in these challenges lately, and as a reward they get a limo ride to an amusement park.  The men have to stay behind and prep for the dinner service.

If this episode were a sitcom on CBS, they could rename it "Everybody Hates Craig."  The men blame him for their failure to produce mountains of pasta, and of course they're still bitter about his mangling of the chicken last week.  He's definitely not making any friends in the kitchen.

While prepping for the family dinner service, Ben volunteers to help one of the sous chefs with a task outside.  Unfortunately for him, the task is to clean up horse crap in the Hell's Kitchen petting zoo.  I truly fear for the children who are about to walk into this hostile environment, but maybe Ramsay will refrain from swearing like a sailor tonight.

Alright, Hell's Kitchen is open for business!  Because of the family atmosphere, the menu tonight will be filled with pasta, burgers, fries, and chicken wings.  It seems like the type of food that's impossible to screw up, but I'm sure the chefs will find some way to cause a disaster.

Vanessa is trying to bounce back after screwing things up last week, and she's off to a good start when she serves up her appetizers.  However, her good luck doesn't last long.  She picks up a sautee pan full of hot oil, which splashes on her and burns her instantly.  She tries some ointment, but when that doesn't work she takes off for the hospital.  The ladies are down one member.

On the men's team, Ben is trying to smuggle limp onion rings out of the kitchen, but the raw chicken that Matt is dishing up is a bigger problem.  He's trying to poison the children!  Meanwhile, Matt can't seem to cook a burger correctly, leaving four star General Bobby to take over.

While Bobby steps up for the men, Jen takes the reins and rallies the red team.  The first group to successfully serve all of their entrées will win for the evening, so it's a race to the finish.  Luckily for the ladies, Craig screws up some spaghetti, allowing them to pull ahead and wrap up their dinner service.  The men have lost yet again.

After serving up all of their entrées, the ladies join the blue team to help them in the kitchen.  That's when the montage of Craig's failures begins.  He won't accept help from the ladies, he's snapping at Ramsay, and he's burning himself on hot pots.  I would say Craig is losing it, but that would imply that he ever had it to begin with.

When dinner service comes to an end, Ramsay gives Ben and Craig a good reaming for being completely useless.  He elects Bobby the best of the bunch and tells him to nominate two team members for elimination.  He chooses Craig and Matt, but Ramsay drags Ben out of the pack as well.  After listening to the three guys defend themselves, Ramsay decides that Craig will be leaving Hell's Kitchen tonight.

In case you're worried about Vanessa, she's still in the competition.  She may need plastic surgery on her melted hand, but at least she landed on the winning team.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)