Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.3 Predictions
We are just into our third episode of Hell's Kitchen 4 and from some viewer reaction, it would appear the public has narrowed down which chef they would like to see go home next.

However, while Gordon Ramsay might aim to give the customer what they want in his establishment (unless, of course, they make the cardinal sin of asking approaching him at the wrong moment), will he appease the viewers and send home the chef who seems to be rubbing many the wrong way?

Jason seems to be on many Hell's Kitchen 4's viewers' nerves. Between his sort of deer-in-headlights performance in the kitchen, contrasting with his trash talk against the women has not exactly endeared him to many female viewers.

Petrozza might also be in Ramsay's crosshairs this episode. We saw the (relatively) softer side of Ramsay when he encouraged, in his way, Petrozza to not give up and continue studying the menu in order to remain in the competition. However, Petrozza also struggled to produce an acceptable dish. Ramsay might occasionally offer up a bit of support to a chef with promise, we know his patience is far from infinite.

Rosann didn't do very well in the front of the house last episode, which doesn't directly speak her skills in the kitchen. But, as I mentioned in my Hell's Kitchen Dine and Dash article, the fact that she held back tickets from Ramsay makes me wonder if she might sometime not make the best decisions under pressure.

Bobby, Matt and Jen have also been getting more screen time than some of the others, which could mean their story is building to an earlier elimination. Both Bobby and Jen seem to have a self-confidence that rubs some of the other contestants the wrong way, and Ramsay himself isn't a fan of hubris.

Shayna seems to be flying utterly under the radar, at least from an editing perspective. I feel like we've hardly gotten any opportunity to get to know her. Sometimes in reality television, the contestants who don't get much air time in the start are some of the first to go, so if she starts getting more focus this next week, it could mean we are counting down the minutes to her ouster.

What do you think?

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of Fox)