Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.2 Recap
Last week on Hell's Kitchen, the chefs served Gordon Ramsay their signature dishes, and the good news is that only Matt's strange mixture of caviar and white chocolate made Ramsay heave into a trash can.  Nearly all the contestants did terribly, but no one else received such a nauseating reaction.  When it came time for dinner service, both teams failed to move any entrées, but the men proved more incompetent.  Though Bobby nearly went home for his shoddy leadership skills, it was stay-at-home dad Dominic who ultimately got the boot.

Tonight, 14 chefs remain, and they're all competing for one spot as an executive chef at Ramsay's new Los Angeles restaurant.  Is it getting hot in here?

After the elimination, the chefs head to bed only to be woken up at 5:30am by sous chefs with bullhorns.  Ah, that must be pleasant.  They rush outside, where Gordon Ramsay tells them that they have to realize how much food they wasted during their disastrous dinner service.  The chefs are shocked when a garbage truck pulls up and dumps all of the trashed food from the night before on to the street.  Ramsay makes them dig through it, causing the contestants to heave as they thrust their hands into nasty leftovers.

Ramsay is kind enough to let everyone shower before conducting a lesson in the kitchen on how to slice halibut.  He then gives each team 20 minutes to prepare as many perfect portions of fish as possible.  Both the men and women cut 41 perfect pieces, leaving the teams tied.  As a tiebreaker, Ramsay tells them to each send someone up to select a six ounce portion.  Whoever picks a piece closest to that size will be the winner.  The women send Corey, the men send Ben, and Ben blows Corey away by choosing a piece that's 5.9 ounces.

As a reward for winning the challenge, the men get to go hang on a yacht with Ramsay, while the women stay behind and prepare all the halibut for the dinner service.  While the guys enjoy an excellent lunch of lobster and caviar, Jen turns on Corey and complains about her inability to properly measure fish.

The teams start prepping for dinner service the next day, and immediately Sharon is having problems keeping her recipes in order.  Jason says that a roomful of girls is completely useless unless they're having a Tupperware party, so of course they don't stand a chance.  Wow, I have such a strong desire to kick him where the sun doesn't shine.

Also in danger of being kicked in the bollocks is Petrozza, who can't remember the menu when Chef Ramsay quizzes him on it.  Ramsay tells him to get out of the kitchen, causing Petrozza to doubt his place in the competition.  Ramsay also lets everyone know that one member of each team will be assisting Jean-Philippe as a Maitre D' for the evening.  Rosann and Craig are chosen to deal with the front of the house, so they'll get one night away from the sweaty kitchen. 

After a pep talk from four-star General Bobby, Petrozza finds the will to continue.  He marches back into the kitchen, recites the menu to Ramsay, and Hell's Kitchen opens for business.  The men manage to get all of their appetizers out before the ladies, partially due to Rosann's lackluster Maitre D' skills.  The guys then try to get ahead on their entrées, but Petrozza can't seem to craft a dish that meets with Ramsay's approval.

In a hilarious moment of stupidity, Craig accidentally hits a woman in the head with a chair as he carries it across the dining room.  Jean-Philippe is horrified and makes him apologize, but the customer handles it surprisingly well.  Back in the kitchen, Sharon is disturbing everyone by cooking with her tongue sticking out. Ramsay calls her the female version of Hannibal Lecter, but he's more concerned by the fact that she can't get any entrées out.

Sharon's tongue may be a distraction, but Rosann's inability to get tickets to the kitchen on time is causing bigger problems.  After a customer sends an order back, Ramsay completely blows his top and decides that it's time to. . .


After studying the comment cards, Ramsay decides that the women's team have lost this week's competition.  Corey is instructed to nominate two members of her team for elimination, and instead of going with Rosann and Sharon, she chooses Christina and Jen.  She admits to picking both of them for purely personal reasons, which elicits a "f--- me" from Ramsay.  She finds Christina to be condescending and thinks that Jen is an annoying distraction.  I can't argue with her on that last part.

After asking them why they deserve to stay in Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay ponders who should go home.  He picks. . .Sharon!  He doesn't believe in her, he doesn't think she can cook, and he doesn't really care if Corey didn't nominate her.  I guess Jen gets to continue bothering me for at least another week.

Check back tomorrow for our exclusive interview with Sharon, where we'll find out how she feels about her shocking elimination.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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