Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4.13 Recap
Last week on Hell's Kitchen, the entire viewing audience took to the streets and did a dance of joy when Jen was finally kicked off the show.  The loudmouthed chef got the boot from Gordon Ramsay for refusing to be a team player during yet another hectic dinner service.  Prior to the elimination, Christina proved herself by wowing a group of 80 pregnant women with her fancy version of a turkey sandwich.  After winning challenges for the past two weeks, Christina just might be the front-runner in the competition.

Tonight, the final three chefs each get a shot at taking over for Ramsay and running Hell's Kitchen.  Who will step up to the challenge, and who will fall like a shoddy soufflé?

After elimination, Christina is thrilled that Jen has finally hopped on her broomstick and flown away.  She describes the final three as "the best of the best," though I'm not sure I'd throw Petrozza in that group.  My guess is that the last man standing will be the one to go home tonight.

The next morning, Ramsay brings some special guests into Hell's Kitchen: the families of all three contestants. Lots of crying and hugging and voice cracking ensues, which might move me if I wasn't a cold, dead husk of a recapper.  Ramsay, who is feeling rather kind and generous today, personally whips up a meal for everyone. However, what he doesn't tell the distracted chefs is that they're going to have to recreate the dish after eating it.

Corey lets out a string of expletives when Ramsay announces that they have to recreate the meal.  Each chef gets a sample to taste, but they have no other information about the recipe.  The contestants grab numerous ingredients and scramble to put together something resembling Ramsay's meal.  Petrozza and Christina pick venison for the meat, but Corey goes with buffalo.  After tasting each dish, Ramsay announces that Christina wins the challenge.  Corey picked the wrong meat, while Petrozza forgot the all-important puree.

As a reward for winning the challenge, Christina gets to dine out with Ramsay and her folks while the other chefs break down blocks of ice.  Corey imagines herself as Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct while she wields her icepick, but instead of pretending to stab naked men to death she pictures Jen's face.

Before dinner service begins, Ramsay announces that each chef will have the chance to run Hell's Kitchen tonight.  He gives each member of the final three a quick lesson on how to scream at their underlings, which Petrozza is surprisingly good at.  Christina, on the other hand, is about as intimidating as a cheerleader from Bring It On.  Corey also does a rather poor job, but surely it's not required to yell at people and break plates just because you work in a kitchen, right?  I think Ramsay just has anger issues.

Hell's Kitchen is open and Petrozza is the man in charge.  A half hour into dinner service, the appetizers are flying out and the chefs are moving on to entrées.  With things going so smoothly, Ramsay tells his sous chefs to start intentionally sabotaging dishes.  Will the contestants notice if the risotto is missing an ingredient or the mashed potatoes are lumpy?  Petrozza is the first to be tested, and he neglects to notice that the peas have been left out of the risotto.  Ramsay, of course, chews him a new orifice for this mistake.

Christina can't seem to get a handle on the fish station.  The salmon is raw, the scallops are burnt, and the fish looks like nasty shoe leather.  Christina is totally a hot tranny mess tonight, but maybe she can pull things together before the end of the service.

Corey is the next chef to take over Hell's Kitchen, and she gets off to a shaky start when she doesn't notice that an entrée is missing from one of the tickets.  However, she steps up to the hot plate fairly quickly and starts sending out entrées.  Will she notice that sous chef Scott has served the wrong sauce with the Beef Wellington?  No, of course not.  She catches the mistake after she drowns the meat in sauce, but by then it's too late.

It's Christina's turn to take charge, and she has a lot to prove after screwing up the fish station.  Though her screechy voice annoys her teammates, she does a good job and even notices that the mashed potatoes have the wrong seasoning.  Impressive!

After the dinner service comes to an end without a "SHUT! IT! DOWN!" in sight, Ramsay goes over each chef's performance.  He doesn't think that anyone did particularly well while taking charge of the kitchen, so each contestant has to nominate one person for elimination.  Corey and Christina each throw the other to the wolves, while Petrozza also chooses Christina.

The person leaving Hell's Kitchen tonight is. . .Corey.  I guess I was completely wrong with my prediction that Petrozza would be ousted.  Check back tomorrow for our exclusive interview with Corey.

Next week on the season finale of Hell's Kitchen, Petrozza and Christina battle to the death for the opportunity to work at Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant.  Who deserves the title?

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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