Hell's Kitchen: Chef Rock Predicts Joseph To Go
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
No surprise there.

Hell's Kitchen 3 winner Rock Harper writes on Reality Wanted that he thinks former US Marine Joseph will be the next to be eliminated following his shocking and, some say, unwarranted display of rage toward Hell's Kitchen host Gordon Ramsay on the show's Tuesday premiere. Yet other than his temper and apparent lack of knowledge on how the show goes, Chef Rock pins the blame on the New York native's talent, or lack thereof.

"Let's see; he can't cook, he's a sexist, he hasn't been to any of his anger management classes since the conviction, he can't cook, he has tons of Marines pissed at him, he threatened Chef G and he can't cook! As much as we would love to see a brawl, it ain't gonna happen... He's gone, very soon."

Rock adds that perhaps advancing on Hell's Kitchen is the least on Joseph's agenda, after he took off his jacket and practically challenged Ramsay on a physical brawl. "The guy is obviously hoping for a lawsuit or some show of his own, and no one on the set will allow that."

If anything, however, Chef Rock says this season's two-hour kick off was the best Hell's Kitchen start ever, or at least "as good as could be without" him.

As for the other chefs, Rock thinks that Milwaukee sous chef Suzanne did the best job, despite undercooking the risotto. "No one ever cooks the most famous dish from the show and she did, that's just smart... She made up for it with her beating everyone on the shrimp challenge and strong showings in the kitchen during service."

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Reality Wanted
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