Hell's Kitchen: And Then There Were Five
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Because there was the two-hour season finale of More to Love last week, tonight we get two hours of Hell's Kitchen - and two chefs going home. There were only 7 chefs left, so it really gets intense and tight at this point. And wouldn't you know it, Suzanne - the chef everybody and Tennille love to hate - is still there.

Yes, original Hell's Kitchen arch-rivals Suzanne and Tennille are still there. Instead, it's Van and Sabrina who were sent home on tonight's episode of the Fox cooking show. Here's how it happened.

From the last episode, we know that Suzanne was transferred to the blue team, to the chagrin of everyone - the blue's because they'd be dealing with her and the red's because they wanted her out of Hell's Kitchen and not just out of their team. For the first of the two dinner service, host Chef Ramsay had both teams create a new menu to put in their personal flairs. The red teams encountered problems, mostly with Tennille's inputs. Come dinner service time, Van had issues with the fish station while the typically consistent Ariel sent out frozen ravioli. Dave had another injury when he tried to lift a heavy pan, and there were a lot of undercooked halibut.

On the next dinner service, where the remaining chefs united to just one team, Van undercooked his halibut yet again and Ariel burnt her garnish lettuce. And for the first in Hell's Kitchen history, Ramsay walked out of the kitchen and the building, with Sous Chef Scott, and with Tennille and Kevin taking charge of the proceedings. When Ramsay returned, he sent Van, Ariel and Suzanne out, leaving Kevin, Dave and Tennille to finish things for themselves.

In the end, Sabrina was sent home after the first episode, then Van in the next, leaving Ariel, Dave, Kevin, Suzanne, and Tennille still in contention on Hell's Kitchen.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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