Hell's Kitchen: Episode 3.6 Recap
Tension you could cut with mortar saw on tonight's Hell's Kitchen as the aggressive Melissa meets her match, and Chef Ramsey cooks up a competition with claws – literally.  Who knew cooking could be so intense!  Meanwhile, one of the contestant's swanky pastry pedigree is outed, and the competition heats way up past the searing point.
Melissa is making friends and influencing people all over the place.   Straight up she is positioning herself at the front of the team, but later when the ‘team' gets together, Rock takes the polite route telling Mel that they run things a bit more copacetic, while Bonnie flat shuts out Mel and brings the team to together to discuss the assertive new member.

Jen reveals that she has been totally holding back on her skillz, which were honed at some swanky downtown joints.  Her and Rock agree it is better to keep her background under a lid for now – a pressure cooker lid, that is – and spring her virtuosity when the time is right.

Bonnie flakes out when the challenge is introduced.   The contestants will pluck live lobsters and each team must come up with three dishes.  Bonnie has some lobster killing issues.  Ramsey has that look on his face like he'd rather smack her than entertain her foolishness, but he refrains – surprisingly.

Melissa is bagged right away for incorrectly poaching her lobster, giving up the win to a smug Bonnie.  Melissa frets, she is sort of pissed since Josh advised her.  One for the Reds.  Julia goes up against Rock, and Rock takes the win over Julia's ‘boring' dish.  It comes down to Jen and Brad, and Ramsey goes unanimous shutting the blues out entirely.

During the service round, the Blues get skunked yet again meaning that is time for the team to nominate of a couple of their members for the chopping block.  Would it surprise you to know one of them was Melissa?  Me neither, the other one was Josh.  Ramsey seems to take pleasure in telling Melissa to hand over her jacket and take a hike, then he pulls Brad and Josh in for a little filleting before sending them back with to find religion.  Melissa, we'll miss you so.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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