Exclusive Interview: Vinnie Fama, Hell's Kitchen 3
Exclusive Interview: Vinnie Fama, Hell's Kitchen 3
Although Vinnie Fama talked the talk, according to Gordon Ramsay, Vinnie just couldn't walk the walk, thus becoming the fifth chef eliminated from Hell’s Kitchen 3 Monday night. Vinnie took some time to talk to us the other day about his experience on the show and what he thought were the real reasons behind his elimination.

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This is Royce from BuddyTV and I’m here with Vinnie Fama from Hell’s Kitchen 3. How’s it going, Vinnie?

I’m doing good there. Nice to be with you.

Definitely. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. So Vinnie, maybe you could start of by giving us a little bit of background about yourself, how did you find yourself on Hell’s Kitchen?

Well I found myself being discovered at the restaurant that I was working at in New York City, a lady approached me, turns out to be an agent for the show and she saw me having a tirade at a diner along with all the employees, said “Hey you’ll be perfect for TV.” She more or less pursued me after that for a couple of days until I finally answered her phone call and I just really thought she was full of it, didn’t think anything of her calling me and sending me emails, sure enough, she was absolutely telling the truth and she said she’d put me on Hell’s Kitchen and I said, “I don’t know…if you put me on, sure I’ll go.” And sure enough, she put me on.

Were you a fan of the show at all?

Yeah I was definitely a fan. I’ve seen it lots of—twice. I always wanted to watch it more but it’s on in an unreasonable hour for somebody who works in a restaurant.

Right, right. So coming into the show, was it like anything you might’ve expected?

Yeah it was I guess I really say what I was…I didn’t expect that, you know. I totally expected more of that nonsense. I even slept with my clothes on cause I knew we’d be waking up like some one way or another we’d be woken up, better have your clothes on, better shower before you go to bed, better brush your teeth before you go to sleep, better put your uniform back on cause you don’t want to be stumbling around half naked.

The woman that definitely seem to have been dominating in terms of the short challenge is last night you know they won their third challenge. Why do you think the guys are struggling a little bit?

I think we struggled for the mere fact that we weren’t women. I think if were girls we’d have a better chance but instead we were a bunch of arrogant guys. The communication lines were never there. There was no communication, the leadership was always wrong so we ended up just you know, everything going around like you’re on your station, I’m on my station, I’ll see you at the pass.

You think that the format was different whereas it was mixed teams? Do you think that would’ve made a difference for you in terms of your performance and what you were able to do on the show?

No I think I did well. I never really had a problem except for my mouth and my attitude. My food was pretty damn good. And my service techniques and everything else. It was pretty good. I could try to be a little bit more of a leader but other than that, yeah I don’t think being on a mixed team would have helped me or hurt me.

When Ramsey discovered your private “trash”, what was going through your mind at that time?

I’m just glad I didn’t throw them in the garbage. It was better than him fishing it out of the garbage. I made my private bin for a reason. I knew that It was gonna be—I knew there was problems on the Wellington Basin cause the last couple of nights before that there was problems. So I was like you know, me make my own little private bin when he comes over sees what’s in it, it’s here it’s not like he dumps the garbage on the floor and I’m standing there with the garbage at me feet, I’m glad I made my own bin.

Do you think you deserved to go home last night?

No no I was doing good. I mean if you realize you only sent back my first six Wellingtons, there was four on one table. There’s only two tickets. There’s four on one ticket, and two on another. So I mean, other than that I sent out thirty good ones.

So what do you think were the main reasons why Ramsey decided that you know it was your time?

I think he knew that, you know. What was he gonna do? Just have a screaming match with me everyday? Cause all we did was yell at each other.

Do you feel you were portrayed accurately on the show?

No I think they missed a couple of my shining moments but yeah I guess it was pretty much me on that show. There was couple of dull moments of my life there but I do live somewhat of a quiet life until I get fired up. But they did miss a couple of my shining moments.

Cool so what are your plans now, Vinnie, you know what’s in store for you careerwise?

Yeah going back to work everyday until I get my million in the bank and retire. I think I have five years left before I retire to Puerto Rico and where I’ll just spend the rest of my life renting jet skis and chasing that endless summer.

Any final words for your fans out there regarding last night or the show in general?

Yeah. Focus on yourselves. I don’t have any final words, you know. Be true to yourself.

Okay. Alright thanks again, Vinnie for your time and from all of us at BuddyTV, good luck.

Hey thanks a lot.

(Interview conducted by Royce Yuen)